Karl Lagerfeld Gets An Adorable New Kitty, Names Her 'Choupette'

karl lagerfeld coupette cat

Karl Lagerfeld at the MoMa; Karl's new kitten Choupette sitting on a bathroom ledge.
Photo: Getty Images; "V" magazine's Twitter

You guys, Uncle Karl got a kitten! That's right, Karl Lagerfeld (aka my Uncle Karl, duh) surprised us all by allowing his friend Stephen Gan from V magazine to shoot a bathroom portrait of wee mini kitteh, CHOUPETTE sitting under a spray of roses looking insanely adorable while a bath is being drawn. (* Dying *) The photo was tweeted out to Lady Gaga and Nicola Formichetti with the message, "Hello Kitties! Karl Lagerfeld's Sunday night photo: meet Choupette, his new kitten." So, wait, was this SHOT by Karl as his bath was being drawn? Also, what kind of kitty is Choupette? (Could she be a Birman or a Ragdoll?) Is this why the pre-fall Chanel show involved Cat Power? Oh, and is this actually King Karl's bathroom, like fo' realsies with his bottle of Chanel Allure just waiting to be dappled atop the tepid surface of this ultra-modern tub? So. Many. Questions.

I don't know about you, but I can already tell from this photo that this bebeh kitteh has some major personality. Check out the way Choupette's watching that water intensely, scrutinizing every surface bubble lest the bath not be purrrrfect for her Kaiser Papa. Her paws are in place, her puff tail delicately tucked across the ledge, and her demeanor is that of a well-mannered feline and not some higgedly-piggedly alley cat hellz bent on scratching up leather chairs or toilet paper (though, my guess is that Uncle Karl only uses silk in his powder rooms). Choupette's not messing around—literally—and we can't wait to see what an elegant young lady she grows up to be. I KNEW my Uncle Karl was a softie! What will this mean for his upcoming collections? With Choupette as a muse, there's no telling what kind of cat motifs might make their way into the world of Chanel. Here's hoping they do! Meow.

P.S. Karl's Choupette should totally be BFF's with Taylor Swift's Meredith.

{via V magazine's Twitter feed}

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