Rihanna Smolders In Soft Bangs For New Armani Ads

Rihanna for Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani.
Photo: Courtesy of Armani

After we had just put our diamonds in the sky for that daringly haphazard platinum pixie Rihanna sported in her OG Armani Jeans and Emporio Armani ads, she switches her tresses up AGAIN for this new batch of campaign images. In these newest Armani ads, it looks like RiRi has finally gotten out of the car and was able to grow a full head of brunette Brigitte Bardot hair in the process. (If only it really worked that way...) While the new soft bangs certainly aren't as shocking as the flaxen Twiggy-esque look, this new hairstyle may be more appropriate, oozing the man-eating sensuality so emblematic of these Armani campaigns (see Ri's predecessor Megan Fox's underwear and beauty ads for more proof).

Rihanna for Emporio Armani.
Photo: Courtesy of Armani

I meannnnn, there you GO. Heck, if we looked like this, we'd never wear clothes! It's no wonder she can't help stripping them off for these ads. But where the short blonde 'do cut through a lot of noise to deliver these ads to our eyeballs, it lost a little relatability. How many ladies do you know who can vibe on a personal level with a pixie cut? That is one elite crew of dimes, I'll tell you that much. The addition of this longer, slightly more normie style into the mix covers the other bases, making Ri and her model of Armani sensuality more accessible to those of us rocking longer locks. And in this foggy pre-lunch state of mind, this ad is TOTALLY almost convincing me that a matching set of barely there lace Emporio Armani skivvies (also, a haircut) will get me THAT much closer to Rihanna's bodacious bombshell status. My stomach's deafening hunger pangs for cheeseburgers, however, are not.

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