Pauly D Learns Over-Tanning Lesson The Hard Way On Latest Episode Of 'Jersey Shore'

Pauly D applies some aloe.
Photo: MTV

It's no secret that the entire cast of Jersey Shore loves to tan their faces off, but never did we think it would actually happen. Sun-starved from their stint in Italy, Pauly D attempts to "shock [his] system" by tanning at the highest setting for the longest time. It seems like a logical plan, except, without a base tan, anyone is infinitely more likely to burn. Just one bad burn can cause serious long-term damage to the skin, and low and behold, one bad burn is precisely what he got. As is customary after such an affliction, the skin on his face started to peel. Ever grooming-conscious, the Jersey DJ took immediate action against his flaking face and exfoliated the dead damaged skin away. He MIGHT have been okay if he left it at that, took a break from tanning, and liberally applied a good deep moisturizing lotion every few hours. But no. He had to keep at it, letting the fresh layer of skin he just revealed sizzle in harmful UV rays, burning his OG burn. OUCH, Pauly literally tanned his face OFF.

Pauly D talks about his facial sunburn.
Photo: MTV

We can kind of commiserate with Pauly in that, we're in the THICK of winter now when the sky turns dark at a sad trombone-inciting four o' clock. We had some extra weeks of warmth this year, but now we're in a thicket of wool tights, tweed, flannel, and sleeping bag coats. All the while, growing more pallid beneath our many layers. We'd give almost anything for the golden shoulders and sun-kissed cheeks of summer. Anything except needlessly and royally effing our skin and drastically increasing the likelihood that we develop skin cancer. Come on, Pauly. Haven't you seen the Dear 16-Year-Old Me video? We know, we KNOW. Your golden brown complexion is positively glowing and the tan helps define all your hard work at the gym, but we're just asking you to tone it down a little. Just take care of yourself, my dude. xoxo

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