Mirror Images: Lady Gaga Looks Exactly Like Lykke Li, And It's Freaking Us Out

Lady Gaga and Lykke Li = twinsies?
Photo: Terry Richardson/Courtesy of Grand Central Publishing and Daniel Jackson

So, we were perusing images of indie songstress Lykke Li when we heard she had recently been signed to Viva Model Management, and while we were judging her smizing abilities (don't worry, Tyra would be proud!), we noticed something kind of crazy—she looks EERILY similar to Lady Gaga. And by "eerily similar" we mean EXACTLY THE FREAKING SAME. At first we brushed it off like we were going loco, but the more photos we saw of her, the closer these comparisons became. Their high cheekbones, sultry doe eyes, porcelain skin, pouty lips—it's all uncanny. But what REALLY puts us over the edge are their beauty and style game similarities! We found this ethereal photo of Mother Monster from the recently released Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson book and from the bleached eyebrows to the thick, smudgy eyeliner around the upper and lower lids to the nude lips, this just confirms they are twins separated at birth. I mean, how many gals are walking around with barely there brows and seriously smokey eyes? Well, besides Taylor Momsen, noootttt many. And, you guys, Lady Gaga even has those weird angular prosthetic face thingies on and STILL looks like Lykke. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!

When it comes to their style, Gaga often switches up her outfits with one awe-inducing ensemble after another, but Lykke Li's studded leather collar jacket is SO something Lady Gaga would wear, amirite?! (Let us not forget her studded leather bonnet and matching vest she wore only a couple of weeks ago.) And when Lykke Li performs, she's often sporting a latex/rubber/plastic outfit of some kind AND 90 percent of the time it's black. That's, like, Gaga's entire steez, y'all. Haiiiii, 2011 Grammys. Oh, and if you don't already know who Lykke Li is, check out all of the Swede's music videos right this second! Be prepared to fall in love with her voice/every one of her ensembles. You're welcome.

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