Jessie J vs. Florence Welch: Who Wore All-Over Print Better?


Jessie J and Florence Welch in London.
Photo: Splash News/Getty Images

For the most part, I think most of us tend to shy away from prints. They're often hard to wear as an all-over kind of thing unless you're going for a single printed dress or layering with a solid color. A head-to-toe, all-over print frenzy is a STATEMENT that will, most likely, cause heads to turn and possibly catalyze confusion. It's true. When celebs go for prints, they're often labeled "quirky" or land in the "Fashion Don't" column as if a tropical print assault is something truly dangerous. I say, what are you so afraid of, Print Phobes? Yes, it's a different kind of look that might bring to mind your grandma's bathroom wallpaper, but there's nothing to be afraid of here. Jessie J and Florence Welch both wore all-over prints recently (for which Welch was VILLIFIED in the British press), and we happen to think their looks are bold and fun. The question is: Who wore the print look better?

It's no secret that we have mad girl crushes on Jessie J. We follow her every style move (including any changes to her hair or nails) and bandy her name around the office when we need a jolt of energy. If there's one thing we admire about our gal, it's that she GOES FOR IT in the print depot. You need a dose of animal print? Jessie will create a leopard ruckus. Want to know how to create a tri-color, multi-print nail-splosion? This is an everyday thing for Miss J. We could all learn a thing or five from the way she celebrates graphics, and we're particularly fond of her foray into the world of Tropicalia. JJ left the Savoy hotel in London recently wearing a black jacket and trousers covered in paradise panoply. We're talking giant green leaves and flowers of fuchsia and cerulean blue. She paired her look with natural hair, smokey eyes, a metallic clutch, and black and gold woven sandals. By keeping her hair and makeup subdued and adding deflective accessories, the print isn't as jarring; in fact, the overall look is poppy and warm.

Florence Welch is a style slayer of the highest order. She mixes up the high and low, plays around with time periods, and isn't afraid of a little drama. She recently visited the BBC in London wearing a cacophony of paisley typically seen in the home furnishings department of Ralph Lauren. She wore it boldly and well, though. How many people do you know who can pull off crimson hair with purple paisley pajamas? Answer: not many. (I mean, right?) Flo's mismatched paisley suit and blouse are by Kenzo and her purple tassel slippers are, funnily enough, from Ralph Lauren. What's interesting about this print parade is that it's broken up by bands of brown and purple stripes. Throw in a tan clutch that plays with the smattering of yellow throughout the print, and the whole thing comes together like a boudoir farce starring Hugh Hefner and Tilda Swinton. L.O.V.E. But what say you? Do you think Jessie J's all-over print is the champ in this style mash-up or does Florence take it to another level?

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