Azealia Banks Is Working With Nicola Formichetti Right Now And That Means Platform Jordan 3s

Azealia Banks is working with Nicola Formichetti.
Photo: Matt Barnes/Getty Images

As you're all aware, MTV Style is well and in love with one Ms. Azealia Banks. We dutifully stalked her online and maybe even invoked the juice of Viacom and the MTV brand to cajole her into visiting us and shooting some videos that you will see very soon. Lucky you, ENTIRE WORLD. Anyway, it was during these interviews that we learned that Azealia's dimples are as adorable as her mouth is FILTHY. Seriously, she can curse a hilarious blue streak. It's not often that you find someone as talented and winsome as this Harlem native responsible for the most salacious T-shirt designs and some of the most knocking-some, compulsively sing-along-able songs, among them "212" (which has finally been hauled out of whatever production purgatory it was trapped in for MONTHS) and "Liquorice" but THEN to hear that she's collaborating with a styling/creative directing genius?

You'll understand if we soiled ourselves a little.

Lady Gaga's style hand man and Mugler designer Nicola Formichetti first tweeted that he was listening to Azealia while getting ready for a shoot a couple of weeks ago. To which we twirled our plotting mustaches and thought to keep an eye on the potensch relaysch. NOW we get tweets that Azealia and Nicola are working together on a fashion editorial for V magazine to be shot by highly sought-after photo duo Inez and Vinoodh (Inez Van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin, who have shot with Gaga and Mugler multiple times before—"Yoü and I" etc., etc.). Of course being the meddling bloggers journalists that we are, we tweeted at AZ "Twitpics or it didn't happen" and now she's tweeted something that makes our brains bleed. (But, like, a happy aneurysm) CUSTOM PLATFORM JORDAN 3s!!!!!

Custom Jordan 3's Nicola Formichetti made for Azealia Banks.
Photo: Courtesy of Azealia Banks' Instagram

Check back with us for a couple of videos with Azealia next week about shoes (she talks about "Boris the Bootman on St. Marks" who will make platform Timbs for you with his midget, soot-covered friend who lives in a closet—I know it sounds SO David Lynch but we're not making this up), shopping, hair, and nails. But on the note of this Formichetti thing, we really hope this marks the beginning of a fruitful relationship because we still really do need about a majillion point squizillion more photos and interviews of Azealia Banks to exist. Immediately.

I mean...

Nicola Formichetti and Azealia Banks
Photo: Courtesy of Nicola Formichetti's Instagram

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