Celebrate Awards Season With These Awards-Themed Accessories!

golden globe accessories

Golden Globe nominee accessories inspired by "Bridesmaids," "My Week With Marilyn," and "Young Adult."
Photo: Urban Outfitters, ASOS, and Sanrio

Happy Awards Season! This week marks the official kickoff of awards shows gahhhlore with tonight's People's Choice Awards (stay tuned for our coverage!) and Sunday's biggie, the Golden Globes. If you're anything like us, we love to do these shows up RIGHT, which means theme parties, themed party food, and serious betting on who will win what. Alas, since we're holed up in the inner sanctum of MTV Style covering all of this award madness FOR YOU, we're left to woop it up at our desks. Thus, how do we get in the awards show spirit and show support for our favorite films, actresses, and TV shows? Accessories, of course! A little bit of flair can go a long way (and maybe even help send good vibes to Rooney Mara for a Best Actress in a Drama win). Thus, here are a few bits 'n' bobs celebrating our favorite nominees.

OK, how much did you love Bridesmaids? Please tell us you've seen it. It's HILARIOUS and full of all sorts of bridal dress shenanigans that are not to be missed. Kristen Wiig wrote and starred in the film (huzzah!) and is nominated in the Best Actress in a Comedy category. (She's the Maid of Honor in the film, but there are lots of crazy bridesmaids, too, duh.) We think this Cooperative Tuxedo Tote Bag would be perfect for Bridesmaids fans because it's A) super cute, B) funny in that it's actually groom-themed, and C) lined in the hottest shade of pink. For My Week with Marilyn, we chose this ASOS Lipstick Necklace in support of Michelle Williams, who was astounding as Marilyn Monroe and, we might add, insanely DRAMATIC. (What the F, Hollywood Foreign Press? Why is she nominated in the comedy category? This gal cries buckets in the film and has a nervous breakdown while looking totally glamorous, and that's not very funny to us. At ALL.) Rounding out the comedic actress category is Charlize Theron, who plays a teen fiction ghostwriter in Young Adult. Charlize spends time wearing a Hello Kitty T-shirt, so we thought we'd pay homage in a more subdued way with this Hello Kitty Bracelet.

golden globe accessories

Golden Globe-themed accessories inspired by "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo," "The Help," and "The Iron Lady."
Photo: Amazon, Finest Imaginary, and Modcloth

In the Best Actress in a Drama category, we're kind of sort of completely leaning toward Rooney Mara in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (after all, she is one of our Girls to Watch in 2012). We chose this Temporary Serpent Dragon Tattoo for obvious reasons, and we think you should sport it if you go to a Globe party. For the ladies of The Help (which everyone should see if they haven't already), who are nominated in various categories, we chose this Antique Book Necklace since the movie is both based on and about a book. We have a feeling Meryl Streep is a shoo-in for the win in this category (she's THE BEST of the best forever and ever, period) for her portrayal of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. To show your support, why not have a spot of tea while wearing this Spot of Teapot Necklace above?

golden globe tv accessories

Golden Globe-themed accessories inspired by TV shows "New Girl" and "American Horror Story."
Photo: Modcloth and Urban Outfitters

What's great about these early awards shows (namely the GG's and People's Choice Awards) are that they cover film and television, and bring everyone together in one gigantic room where there's sometimes food and alcoholic beverages (which is a fantastic combination during speeches). For the TV categories this year, we're rooting for Zooey Deschanel and her new show New Girl, which is spirited, funny, and totally uplifting in the style department. We think this Les Coquettes Lookbook Necklace exemplifies Zooey's character, Jess, and all of her whimsical, colorful outfits. In the Best Television Series Drama category, we were surprised to see American Horror Story nominated because it's so intensely CRAY and full of the scariest ghosts ever. No matter, we'll throw some love its way with these Bjorg Grip Ear Cuffs, which are so insanely awesome they're just begging for a reason to be worn. Plus, they're gold, and we all know that's what awards season is allllll about.

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