Katy Perry Designs A Line Of Fake Eyelashes!

Katy Perry is releasing her own line of false eyelashes.
Photo: Getty Images

The consistently well-turned-out California girl Katy Perry is expanding her beauty empire! The pop star has evolved from girl-next-door into full-blown glamour goddess over the last few years, which is why we can't wait until she makes her foray into the *gasp* false eyelash biz next month. Perry is collaborating with British lash manufacturer Eylure to create a unique four-piece line that is reflective of her Joan Holloway meets kooky-cat-lady personal style. We've been lusting after the beauty queen's bold moves, and after the successful release of her OPI nail polish collection and two scents, Purr and Meow, the entrée into the eyelash world seems only logical. Eylure is the same brand that outfitted Twiggy with her signature shaggy lashes in the '60s, and we would not be surprised if Katy's array ends up as iconic as the leggy British supermodel's. (You haven't forgotten "The One That Got Away," have you? #babecity)

Of course, this could go hyper-stylized like her Chiquita Banana stage costume or the O.O.C. roots she sported last year, but we're willing to bet that she'll make the right decision for us mainstream girls. We're thinking half of the collection will be wild glitter + neon and half sultry, pin-up lashes, just like hers. The lashes will be available at Ulta on Valentine's Day, juuuuuuust in time for us to bat our eyelashes at any and all potential conquests.

{via Fashion Etc}

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