Heather Morris Wears A Japanese Animal Hat, Flies Around Like A Hummingbird On 'Letterman'


Heather Morris visits "The Late Show with David Letterman" in New York.
Photo: Splash News

Heather Morris was a full-on accessory CHAMPION while visiting The Late Show with David Letterman this week. Although she wore a subdued black blouse and brown skirt for the actual show, we were delighted by the accessory-laden post-show ensemble she debuted on the streets of NYC. Yes, all it takes is a delightful Japanese animal hat and we're SMITTEN. You see, we have a thang for kicky animal chapeaus (they topped our Best Accessories of 2011 list) as well as the lovely ladies who wear them (hi, Kreayshawn). But this particular plushie noggin warmer is special because it's KORILAKKUMA. For the uninitiated, KORILAKKUMA is a little white bear who likes strawberries, apples, her radio-controlled duck, and listening to really loud music. Could Glee's Heather Morris be trying to tell us something with the choice of this hat—namely that she has a penchant for forest berries and deafening volumes—or is she just really into cute Japanese Cosplay characters?

First of all, we have to point out that Miss Morris has a seriously cute accessory game going on here. In addition to her KORILAKKUMA hat (I refuse anything but all caps), she's wearing two neck scarves that look super cozy, a pair of green and white striped fingerless gloves, a small brown cross-body purse, and a larger shoulder bag adorned in bright stripes and some sort of tropical fruit or floral print, which looks like it could house a carnival of happiness (and/or a supply of sour gummies and various Sanrio character products). There's a lot going on with this look, but we love it! It's a happy-go-lucky, super-fun, sweet-time kind of deal that seems to echo the ethos of KORILAKKUMA and Miss Morris (and her Glee character Brittany S. Pierce). To add to all of this dimple-inducing cheerfulness, Heather brought a video she made to Letterman's show that depicted her flying around the Glee set like a hummingbird. It's ADORBS. All of it. Annnnd scene.

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