Axe Body Spray Launches 'Anarchy' Scent For Women And A New Graphic Novel


AXE Anarchy For Him + Her.
Photo: Courtesy of AXE

Can you smell that? It's the scent of CHAOS UNLEASHED, teeming uncontrollably on the streets like a scent serpent of feral spiced desire destined to get its clutches into both men and women. What am I talking about? Oh, just the new AXE men's body spray fragrance, ANARCHY, which will include a limited-edition female counterpart designed to spark attraction between both guys and girls. If you think about it, the whole AXE body spray phenomenon is totally one-sided and maybe just a teensy weensy bit, ohhhh, sexist. (Stay with me here, ladies, if you're not already fist pumping in solidarity.) We've all seen the commercials. A normal dude sprays some AXE on his person and instantaneously becomes hunted by legions of crazed, Maxim-attractive women who don't seem able to speak or think for themselves while being enchanted (intoxicated...mind-controlled?) by this irresistible fragrance. We all know it's a fantasy cooked up to get guys to buy this product so they can, hopefully, attract the same sort of attention, and our main concern isn't necessarily with this marketing, per se. We just don't understand why AXE has never created the same sort of thing for the ladies. Apparently, Anarchy For Her is the answer, and represents a new "evolution" for the brand that also includes...a graphic novel.

axe anarchy graphic novel

A still from "Anarchy: The Graphic Novel" out on Jan. 10.
Photo: Courtesy of AXE.

AXE is the number one men's grooming brand in the world and has more than 2 million fans on Facebook in the U.S. A portion of those fans are female, and their "Likes" inspired the brand to (finally) offer a scent made just for them. The scent itself is described as having fruity top notes that fade into a soft, floral finish, whereas Anarchy For Him has a "rich oriental heart." Beginning on Jan. 10 (today), fans can check out Anarchy: The Graphic Novel online or on AXE's Facebook page. The comic will update every few days, and the story will evolve via user-submitted ideas and poll votes. There's even a chance to be drawn directly into the story. The brand has already released cryptic Anarchy commercials involving a female cop and male robber coming together in the middle of a crime chase, and AXE says they believe Anarchy "will alter the way guys and girls come together once unleashed." We have no idea what this means but are glad AXE is making its fragrances more equal-opportunity. So, if you choose Anarchy, please be careful out there, folks! And SPRAY RESPONSIBLY.

axe anarchy product line

The AXE Anarchy for Him + Her line.
Photo: Courtesy of AXE

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