Kanye West Wears A T-Shirt Skirt Over Leather Pants At The Givenchy Show In Paris


Kanye West at the Givenchy Men's Fall 2012 show in Paris.
Photo: Wire Image

If you happened to miss it or were asleep during the live tweet fashion bacchanalia creative kingpin Kanye West unleashed mere weeks ago, Yeezy got some things off his man chest. Not only did he school the world on the name of his fashion line (it's KANYE WEST, people, let us never misinterpret that again), he hat-tipped his mom's savvy style pairing of fur coats and Cosby sweaters, as well as professed his undying passion for fashion, Leonardo da Vinci, Azzedine Alaïa, and creativity in general that culminated in the typed unveiling of his new design company, DONDA, named after his mother. You guys, it was epic. But the Twitter diatribe left us with so many questions, such as, what's going on with his fashion line? Apparently it has no backers or PR at the mo'. Will there be a Fall 2012 Paris Fashion Week show? And where is Kanye RIGHT NOW? Well, Yeezy's in Paris, y'all, and he's hanging out front row at the Givenchy fall 2012 menswear show wearing a leather varsity jacket over a sweatshirt, leather pants, and what appears to be a T-shirt skirt.

I mean, this is skirt-like, is it not? We're assuming he layered two white tees of varying lengths under his worn green sweatshirt tee, but upon closer inspection (and due to a lack of a typical sweatshirt hem at the bottom) we're wondering if this whole thing is actually sewn together into one. We're going to assume it's layered and more of a style choice Ye' dreamed up to wear along with his varsity jacket hoodie, which has leather arms that match his leather pants. K-dubs has had a thing for zee leath-AH lately. We spotted him wearing these exact same pants in NYC with a Givenchy Rottweiler tee, with Versace H&M at the Victoria's Secret show, with Air Yeezy 2s, a matching leather man-kilt, and at a goth party in Paris. We have to hand it to him, these pants go with practically everything, and we're assuming they're warm during these winter months. But, really, WHAT'S GOING ON, KANYE?? We're totally feeling the #PowerOfDonda and want to know more...

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