Sneakerhead Nail Art Matches Tips To Tennis Shoes

Nails inspired by Air Jordan 1 Phat sneakers.
Photo: Courtesy of The Sneakerette

Last time we dove into the world of cray cray nail art, we got a tiny peek into the lives of lady sneakerheads who match their decked out nails to their even more amazing shoes. From the colors to the patterns to even the logo, these girls SERIOUSLY nailed it (and judging by the reaction over the new Air Jordans, sneakerheads don’t mess around). But, hey, we’re busybodies! We need to know MOAR. We had absolutely no problem searching the internetz for hours for our favorite sneaker-inspired designs, and our first find was some KILLER hot pink, black, and neon green Air Jordan 1 Phat sneakers. Whew, we need to get our hands on these! Eileen over at The Sneakerette used Essie Mod Squad, Wet n Wild French White Creme, China Glaze Electric Pineapple, and CM Nail Art in Black to create this neon French mani with a pebbled accent finger. We love how the white tips with the pink emulate the white sole paired with the shiny patent leather, and the accent from the inside of the shoe on her ring finger is just PERFECT. Jealz.

Nails inspired by Nike Vandal High Supremes.
Photo: Courtesy of The Sneakerette

We don’t mean to pick favorites, but Eileen killed it again when she matched her matte polka dot mani to her strawberry and cream Nike Vandal High Supremes. She used Essie Body Language for the taupe base, Essie Cute as a Button for the pink tips, Wet n Wild French White Creme, American Apparel Coney Island for the dots, and Essie Matte About You for the matte top coat. Her bold French tips perfectly match the pink in this men’s (yeah, you read that right) sneaker. The most GENIUS part is the matte top coat reflects (heh) the shoe’s lackluster exterior.

Nails inspired by Air Jordans.
Photo: Courtesy of Haus Of Lacquer

Steph from the Haus of Lacquer did an amazing job matching the black, red, and gray Air Jordan Retro 3’s to her tips. Awesomely enough, these nails are SUPER easy to cop on your own. She opted for a black bottom coat with a metallic silver crackle layer on top to emulate the iconic elephant print on the shoe. For a touch of red, she added a swipe of crimson red on her tips AND on one accent finger.

Nails inspired by Adidas Originals x Fafi sneakers.
Photo: Courtesy of The Sneakerette

Eileen at The Sneakerette had the challenge of trying to match her lavender and gold sequin high tops to her tips. Adidas Originals collaborated with French artist Fafi for these whimsical, one-of-a-kind sneaks—and we bet trying to create a nail design inspired by these bad boys was preeettyyy hard. Eileen incorporated all types of glitter designs here: She used a straight-up purple and blue glitter polish for her pinkie; for the ring finger she used a chunkier glitter to perfectly emulate the side of the sneakers with blue tips; her middle finger resembled the gold Fafi and Adidas logo on the tongue of the shoe; and on her pointer finger, Eileen got detailed with some studs to make a pink and purple heart design.

Nails inspired by Nike Air Max Lebron 8 V1.
Photo: Courtesy of Sneak Her Box

The Nike Air Max Lebron 8 V1 sneakers are soooo ’80s Miami cool, and we love how Sneak Her Box re-created that same feel on her nails! She used four colors to do this look—green as the base coat, a touch of mint polish to match the outsole, and black and hot pink dashes to give it a retro feel. To make it amazingly ’80s when you re-create this look on your own, make sure the lines aren’t TOO perfect and have a pointed edge like a paintbrush. Perfection!

Nails inspired by Nikes.
Photo: Courtesy of Supa Nails

One of our favorite nail Tumblrs, Supa Nails, did an INCREDIBLE job matching brown snakeskin nails to Nike sneakers. They used a chocolate brown as a base coat with imperfectly dotted light brown specks. They finished the look with hot pink half moons to get the same blast of color from the Nike Swoosh in the shoes, but we’re betting no one’s going to play basketball in this mani.

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