MTV Style Is Hiring! Seeking Someone Awesome.

Iz it you??
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Dudes. You have NO idea how excited I am to let y'all know that we are hiring a full-time editorial person. That person is either going to be an associate editor or an editor. I know it sounds all loosey-goosey to say "EITHER" and then to go ahead and tack on the understood parenthetical of "(commensurate with experience)" but we're BIG (huge, really) on making sure the right person gets hired even if the pedigree is a little on the green side or SUPER O.G. The job description as a whole, like, soup to nuts, is available online for your perusal so go to there.

We want a SUPER ORGANIZED dude or lady who can write/edit his/her face off and understands SEO, and whose brain gets really itchy when things aren't orchestrated in a synchronous manner. OH, and they have to get a major accomplishment high when they check things off their list and the editorial calendar is GLEAMING and they've read a bajillion news items from eleventy trillion sources. Please be fun to work with and bring candy once in a while, aaaaaaaaaand please don't email me or my boss directly. You can apply for the job here.

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