Take A Peek Inside Coco Chanel's Paris Apartment

Coco Chanel sits in her Hotel Ritz Paris apartment in 1960.
Photo: Getty Images

If you haven't fallen into the brain-itching wormhole of voyeuristic awesomeness that is The Coveteur yet, get your flashlights ready because you're about to get sucked in. The beautifully executed blog takes you behind the scenes and into the homes of some of fashion, design, and art's buzziest and most influential names (ex: the sisters behind DANNIJO, Katy Perry's stylist Johnny Wujek, Peter Som himself, and many MANY more). Taking a break the stylized dwellings of today's latest and greatest, though, The Coveteur recently made a trip to Paris and photographed the abode of fash legend Coco Chanel. While the walls aren't lined with tweed, nor are the light fixtures dripping with pearls, the iconic woman's abode is drenched in opulent details.

A bejeweled sheep and shepherd figurine rests on a table beside shelves on shelves on shelves of leather-bound books with gilded spines. And yet, there's also a quirky comfortableness to the space—we love the hodgepodge of furniture and warm, welcoming golden tones. Can't you just imagine Gabrielle perched on the sueded leather couch, delicately sipping tea in a collarless jacket? She directs stylings and fittings with a well-discrening eye, while girls change behind the majestic pearl inlaid coromandel in the corner. And then someone knocks over the marble lion statue or snags a lace garment on one of the mahogany elk's antlers, and well, you're never invited back to the private home again.

{via Refinery 29}

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