Beyonce Gives Birth To Blue Ivy Carter Saturday Night; How Will Jay-Z Shower Daddy's Little Girl?

A haul worthy of Beyoncé and Jay-Z's new baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter.
Photo: Courtesy of Barneys/Hermes/Nets Basketball/Ulubulu/ChildrenSalon/Bugaboo

She's finally here! Beyoncé gave birth to Blue Ivy Carter in New York's Lenox Hill Hospital Saturday night, and thus, the most anticipated birth of the year FINALLY made her way into the world. We're sure Bey and Jay are enjoying some QT, snuggling up with their brand-new baby girl, but voracious voyeurs that we are, we're driving ourselves bonkers with anticipation for our first glimpse at the little princess. Suri better watch her back because there's a new power baby in town, and with the love and support of so much extended celeb family (from Aunty Rih to Uncle Rush), Little Miss Cruise might not be the only pint-sized fashionista with a shoe collection worth its weight in platinum for long.

Bey's BFF and fellow Destiny's Child alumna, Kelly Rowland, told U.K.'s Bang Showbiz, "I have no idea what I'm going to buy Beyoncé at the baby shower because Jay is going to buy that little girl every single thing possible. She won't be spoiled, but she will be very well looked after," a prediction of paternal pampering we here at MTV Style are taking as gospel, because (a) this girl would know, right? And (b) Jay is no stranger to showering Bey with extravagant gifts *COUGH*350K in Birkin bags*COUGH*. Imagine how much further he's bound to go for Daddy's little girl! While we anxiously await the first image of Blue Ivy's cherubic face, we've taken it upon ourselves to round up some possible gifts Jay could bestow upon his bouncing baby girl.

Plush toys are pretty standard fare as far as kiddie presents go, but this massive lying lion toy by Hansa is anything but standard. Clocking in at just under 6 feet long and around 2 feet high, the toy is a dead ringer for the lion in Momma Bey's "Run The World (Girls)" music video. *cue adorable homemade mother-daughter reenactment video in matching McQueen*

The children of influential families are sometimes said to be "born with silver spoons in their mouths," an idiom often employed with a negative connotation. But the silver spoon can also be seen as a positive symbol of knowledge and nuture. Since Blue Ivy Carter falls square into the lap of the music community's resident MEGA-power couple, she gets a silver spoon AND fork. Oh, and they're Hermes. NBD.

Princess Carter isn't just being born into a family of music and fashion moguls. Poppa Jay also owns stake in the Nets basketball franchise. The Rocawear Big Man is currently using his aesthetic prowess to help design the new Nets logo, colors, and uniforms as the team makes its big move to Brooklyn, so naturally, his little girl will be clad in Carter-designed Nets gear at an early age. This particular Nets infant set is just a foundation for the one-off baller swag in which we imagine Jay will swaddle his baby girl. We're thinking a smattering of Swarovski and a bit of snakeskin panelling on the bib à la Daddy's RSVP snapbacks.

OK, 17K is a little (well, a LOT) steep for something your child is just going to slobber on, but if we can rationalize splurging on diamonds for any newborn, it's definitely Baby Jay'oncé. So go ahead, Hov. If you decide to pony up the dough for this 3 carat pave diamond pacifier by Ulubulu, we'll be right there to support you.

Mommy wore a Dolce & Gabbana sequined tuxedo jacket for the televised reveal of her pregnancy at the 2011 VMAs, so it's only fitting that Blue Ivy should have some D&G of her own. This soft pink silk dress set is the perfect flirty feminine ensemble for mini-Bey to transition into spring!

Before we get ahead of ourselves, this January baby will need to keep bundled up against the biting New York winter (especially near those whipping maritime winds down in TriBeCa) before she can flounce around in next season's ready-to-wear. Thus, we picked out the perfect scarlet red full-body snowsuit for the little lady. How adorably motion-restricting is this poofy thing??!

When your daddy and his friends are known to spit "luxury rap, the Hermes of verses," you're kiiiind of obligated to wear the brand yourself. Jay will probably start his daughter off with a pair of these printed Hermes booties in baby BLUE, of course, before he graduates her to mini Jordans and a Birkin of her own.

A happy mommy makes for a happy baby, and we can just see Bey beaming as she prams Blue Ivy around the cobblestone walks of lower Manhattan in this special edition Missoni x Bugaboo Bee. The luxury stroller brand is lauded by Gwyneth Paltrow, one of the first celebs to congratulate B and J on their brand-new bundle of joy. Also, what more superfan/Stan-satisfying way to tote around Destiny's CHILD than in a "Bug A Boo"??!!?!?! *mind explodes*


Beyoncé And Jay-Z Welcome Baby Blue Ivy To The World

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