Vinny Gets A Very Interesting Haircut On The Season 5 Premiere Of 'Jersey Shore'

Vinny's tapered shape-up variation.
Photo: MTV

Happy Jerz Day, everyone! Tonight marks the Season 5 premiere and triumphant U.S. return of our favorite tri-state-related TV series: JERSEY SHORE. Excited to be back on the East Coast, the dudes break off to catch up on all the GTL they had missed by being overseas and add the barbershop to their list of errands. Pauly D cleans up his blowout, Mike self-applies an ungodly amount of hair spray, and Vinny opts for one of the erm, most unique variations we've seen of a shape-up. Ever. What do you call this thing?

Ronnie attempts to explain Vinny's newly shorn locks, dubbing them "a mixture between a mullet, a Mohawk, and a faux hawk." *squints a little, tilts head* It's simplifying it a little, but sure. This new 'do is a complex beast. A straight line-up across the forehead. Angled fades on either side of the head that come together into a point at the nape of the neck. The slightest bit of length left at the top. It is FASCINATING. Ronnie admits to not knowing what to call it either, but says "it looks good on him."

Jagged Edge Hair Design in Toms River, New Jersey.
Photo: MTV

Oddly enough, we absolutely agree. Sure, it's a whopper of a curveball, but Vinny, to us, has always had the most adventurous style sense of all the Shore dudes (case in point: those infamous purple pants), making him totally capable of pulling off this wackadoo tapered shape-up. Heck, we wouldn't be surprised if after tonight, Jagged Edge Hair Design (the Toms River, New Jersey, barbershop responsible for the cut, not to be confused with that other Jagged Edge) sees an influx of customers asking for "The Vinny." Fire up your printers now, boys. The next great hair trend just might be under way!

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