Fold Origami Accessories Into Your Style Game!

origami accessories

From left: 3.1 Phillip Lim fox belt, Max Steiner crane earrings, Origami Jewellery Triceratops necklace, Catamation baby bat pin, Hug a Porcupine cat pin, and Speck Products iPhone case.
Photo: Courtesy of NET-A-PORTER, Catbird, Etsy, and Zazzle

I'm obsessed with origami, the ancient Japanese art of folding paper into whimsical creatures like cranes, foxes, and baby elephants. Though I've tried my hand at making said paper critters dozens of times, they always seem to turn out more like crumpled sea monsters than anything cutesy or elegant. Lucky for me (and for all of us accessory lovahs), origami is having a sort of renaissance in fashion at the moment thanks to 3.1 Phillip Lim's origami fox, rabbit, and bear-shaped brooches, which sold out over the holidays. Lim recently introduced a Fox Origami Belt (above left), which will, undoubtedly, create yet another origami frenzy, but I'm worried this patent leather dude will be gone before he ever gets to grace my yet nonexistent silk spring dresses (or denim belt loops, which is more likely). I started searching Etsy as well as other sites for origami magic, and folks, I was not disappointed. Origami accessories are everywhere.

Other than the fox belt—which I'm totally saving $150 bones for—Max Steiner's Origami Crane Earrings from Brooklyn's Catbird would be a welcome addition to any ensemble. They're small, silver, and more of a subtle origami statement that says, "Yes, these inoffensive ear dangles are actually origami cranes. No, I did not make them." The Origami Jewellery Triceratops Necklace (above right) makes a more ferocious statement in either gold or silver. Seriously, how dino 'dorbs is this guy? Love him!

While perusing Etsy (and losing hours while getting sucked into its never ending shopping vortex), I found Catmation's fantastic Origami Baby Bat Pin (below right). You guys, this is actually made out of paper and only costs EIGHT bucks. It's a bargain and would perk up any tired sweater or denim vest. Ditto for Hug a Porcupine's Cat Origami Pin, which hails from the Land of Cute Kittens (or Singapore, specifically). Kittens are always having an accessory moment in my book, so give this li'l guy a home on your book bag, dress, or fedora. Still, if you like the idea of origami but don't necessarily want to wear it on your person, the Speck Products Origami Crane iPhone Case celebrates the art of paper folding through the art of illustration as well as the art of looking cool while texting.

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