Demi Lovato Ditches Long Hair; Tries Out Sleek Bob

Demi Lovato shows off bob hairstyle.
Photo: Courtesy of Demi Lovato's Twitter

Third parties and medical professionals might deem our obsession with Demi Lovato's luscious tendrils unhealthy. Their luminescent sheen, Rapunzel length, and exact right amount of volume and bounce are at the forefront of our minds every time we take a curling iron to our own tresses. If you looked up "boho waves" in our Style dictionary, there would be a picture of Demi in all her cascading ombre glory next to the term. (Also, crayon hearts and Lisa Frank puppy stickers, but we digress.) So you can imagine our surprise when Demi tweeted this pic of her with a SUPER short, sleek bobbed 'do. She asks, "Hey guys... Like my new look?" punctuating her beauty poll with a tongue-out smiley emoticon, and later revealing that the style is just a wig.

Well, Demi, we may have erected an office shrine to your romantic waist-length curls (complete with incense and votive candles), but you have the kind of bone structure and smoldering HOTTness that can carry any hairstyle. Truth be told, we're still letting out a long sigh of relief you didn't actually chop off your princess locks just yet, but this austere Mia Wallace 'do is really freaking amazing. To the point where our collective heart attack wouldn't have lasted that long if you went through with it. And paired with the layered chains, the delicate cross, and that angsty black long-lined bralette situation? I mean, this whole image is a blazing homage to late '80s/early '90s, neo-noir meets "Like A Prayer" epic REALNESS in the most expertly inspired way. GUH. Preach.

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