Marc Jacobs And Lorenzo Martone Wear Matching Louis Vuitton Swimwear On The Beach

Marc Jacobs on the beach in St. Barts.
Photo: Splashnews

Happy New Year, everyone! We’re finally back at work lapping up the fashion waves rolling our way, ready to take on another new year wrapped up in all things STYLE. We can almost feel the sunshine rays of resort 2012 gently rolling across our cheeks (sniffle) as we stare out the skyscraper window and try not to think about the below-freezing temps outside. Instead, we’d like to imagine warm sand scratching our toes, neon green Louis Vuitton beach towels delicately tied around our waists, and an oversize Birkin bag just beyond reach containing some scintillating airport-purchased novel we’ll undoubtedly fall asleep under in the intense St. Barts heat…. Wait, are we hallucinating? When did we get so many tattoos, and ZOMG, what are these ginoromous pecs doing in our desk-side daydream?! Oh. Hi, Marc Jacobs. How long have we been staring at your holiday pics depicting totally highfalutin vacationing in the French West Indies with your on/off-again BF/former fiancĂ©, Lorenzo Martone? Awhile, huh. Don’t mind us, we’re just seriously digging the matching swimwear you and your BFF (Best friend forever? Best former flame? Best forever fiancĂ©?) are sporting on vacay.

Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone on the beach in St. Barts.
Photo: Splashnews

With a nod to 1980s artist and designer Stephen Sprouse, Marc and Lorenzo are each wearing LV collection beachwear from the archives. MJ designed a collection for the luxury label with Sprouse in 2001, and then revisited the hand-scrawled motifs in his 2009 LV collection in homage to Sprouse after his untimely death. Is Marc perhaps signaling what’s to come for LV Fall 2012? (We have been seeing ’80s and ’90s trends emerging.) Or maybe he and Lorenzo were planning what to pack and mutually agreed that lime green not only stood out on the beach but on their perfectly sculpted Adonis bods. We can’t say we fully agree with the choice to pair a busy black and white striped skeleton head sweatshirt with an equally loud and graphic towel slash beach skirt like MJ has done, but it seems to work on the beach. Plus, this is MARC BY MARC BY LOUIS VUITTON JACOBS, so he can wear whatever he wants. And he can stick his tongue out while his drool-worthy manfriend dusts an eyelash off his cheek any dang time he chooses.

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