DW By Kanye West Gets A Twitter Account!


Kanye West performs at New Year's Eve Bash at the premiere of 1 OAK Las Vegas at the Mirage.
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We haven't really heard much about Kanye West's fashion line, Dw by Kanye West, ever since it debuted to much ballyhooed fanfare at Paris Fashion Week back in October. But Yeezy is all about being mysterious it seems. Not only were there rampant, unfounded rumors that he was moving overseas sometime during the holidays (totally unconfirmed), he started a bona fide @dwbykanye Twitter account to get us talking about it all again. In case you're not following your fashion calendar as rabidly as we are, the fall 2012 fashion week shows are just around the corner, making us wonder if ol' K-dubs is going to be showing again. Well, according to a recently tweeted runway photo on his personal Twitter account as well as recent tweets mentioning "2012 and beyond" on his new account, we think there might be something to all this...

What's interesting about both of these Twitter accounts, too, is that Kanye follows the same peeps, namely model Anja Rubik and A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou. Could Anja be the face of his line? Has Touitou been helping out more than just offering advice? What's more, the @dwbyKanye account follows Central Saint Martins College where Kanye found Louise Goldin, the designer of his line, and "London, Paris" was his first tweet. We think this DEFINITELY means something's afoot! Will the next DW collection show in LONDON? But wait, the account says London/Paris/New York...so what does that mean? It's all so confusing! As is the tag line, "Kanye West's most anticipated Fashion Clothing Line DW," which also plays with the constantly changing spellings of Dw, dw, and now DW...we can barely keep up. Maybe he'll just launch with the spring collection and that will be it. We're going to make a calculated guess and say, NO, there's much more to this if KW (Kw, kw?) wants to be taken seriously as a fashion designer. We've gotta watch, wait, and see...

Kanye West Paris Fashion Week

Kanye West Presents Dw womenswear collection at Paris Fashion Week on Oct. 1, 2011.
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{via Fashionista}

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