Lady Gaga Goes Heavy Metal With Gold-Tipped Gloves And A Studded Leather Bonnet

Lady Gaga wears gold-tipped gloves and a studded bonnet.
Photo: Splash News

Does anyone else ever wonder what Lady Gaga does with all her clothes and accessories after she wears them? With the exception of a few pairs of shoes, some select bags, and one sheer leopard print catsuit (you know, that old wardrobe staple), the lady rarely recycles a statement piece. I mean, the cave of wonders that Mother Monster's closet must be.... It's baffling to even think about. For instance, how long do you think these gold-tipped gloves were waiting in a drawer for the right mega tasseled jacket to come along and be the perfect outfit complement? Or that moto head-bunting? And why is it that certain styles, or genres if you will, of accessories always crop up at the same time for Le Gaga (e.g., delicate romantic eyewear)? Is this Gaga's way of ushering in a new "heavy metal" era of dress?

Perhaps we've caught the upswell of something major: a style of ensemble assemblage (ensemblage™) in which the wearer shrouds his or herself in as many scale-breaking elements as humanly possible (warning: not advised for holiday travel 'cause TSA no likey *cue alarms ringing and luggage searches*). Though the elongated metal tips might be the most interesting part of Gaga's gold gloves to the U.S. (I mean, how do you pick up things/type/undo your coat??), these hand warmers also feature so much gold embellishment all along the backs of the fingers and extending to the wrist. While we're sure the rest of her ensemble is comprised of silky metallic tassels, we wouldn't bat an eye if we learned it was actually a few karats of spun gold.

Then, take this leather bonnet with hardly any surface left unspiked. Where was THIS treasure hiding? And will we ever see it again? I just can't imagine the care (let alone square footage) to house so many creations so unique and delicate as this in one room. Clearly this dangerous article would need to be stowed far away from any loose knits or finespun sheers. But would it sit alongside the matching spiky vest? I can't know for certain, but I'd like to. I mean, I'm not laying awake at night musing on all this, but these thoughts come up from time to time, and it would be great to get some clarity/closure/relief.

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