Kreayshawn Wears Gucci, But Only On Her Eyelashes

Kreayshawn wears Gucci Gucci eyelashes.
Photo: Courtesy of Kreayshawn's Instagram

If Kreayshawn ever actually wore Gucci it probably wouldn't be the end of the world, but it would definitely cause an uproar. These "Gucci Gucci" fake eyelashes just might be the closest we'll ever get to seeing Kreay rep a luxe brand name. She could have gone a host of ways with this allusion to her explosive first single—an airbrush tee, a bejeweled choker, an ornate manicure, whateverwhatever—but we're obsessed with this specific adventurous beauty route she took. It's subtle (you know, compared to that fluorescent green top she's sporting) but will definitely turn some heads.

We've been schooled enough times by now to know that Kreayshawn does not eff around with her eye makeup. Whether it's her flawless liquid eyeliner application or another pair of outrageous fake lashes, the expertise with which Kreay embellishes her oculars is now well-storied. Her beauty prowess is one to be reckoned with, and totally inspirational as we move into this new year. Who has two thumbs and is resolving to try this look in 2012? Spoiler alert: this girl.


Kreayshawn - "Gucci Gucci"

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