Last-Minute Dresses For New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is this weekend, and you don't have a dress yet?! Eek! *furiously bites fingernails* Don't worry, ladies, we've sifted through hundreds of options to find THE perfect dress to ring in 2012. It doesn't matter how you plan to spend your Saturday night—at a couture ball, at a dinner party, or just sitting on the couch—we've got a dress for every occasion. But first, how much are you planning to spend? If you're low on dollars we've got three numbers for under $100, but if you've got a little more walking-around money peep the slightly more expensive dresses after the jump.


If you're a girly-girl with a penchant for bows and rarely wear black, the Nasty Gal Fancy Knot Dress ($88) is your best bet. We could totally see someone pairing this tulle knot-halter frock with some unexpectedly bold shoes, stacks of bangles, and a hot pink lip. If you want to make a showstopping entrance, sport the low-cut ASOS Sequin Mesh Mini Dress ($81.81)—it's the perfect way to stand out at a house party 'cause you'll look like a million bucks (without actually spending it). If you're going to a warehouse party in Brooklyn, the hipster-chic Nasty Gal Valerie Velvet Dress ($58) would be the perfect frock for gettin' down and dirty to some great tunes. Wear your hair down and wavy over one shoulder with some platform booties for the ultimate '80s-inspired ensemble.


If you're tired of the same old sequin game, try the Topshop Knitted Gold Beaded Dress ($220), which is made entirely of strung together beads. Uh-mazing! We could totally seeing someone going all-out flapper in this ensemble with pin curls and a bold red pout. If you want to let your outfit do ALL the talking, go for the ASOS Sequin Dress ($218.16). It's got a fitted bodice (!!!) to form that super exaggerated flare in the ruffled ribbon sequin skirt. If pink's not your thing, it also comes in black and yellow. For a night to TRULY remember, try the Cut Out Spot Dress By Topshop ($165), which is sososo fun with the cutout waist, polka dot print, and tulle that peeks out on the bottom.

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