Happy Holidays! We're Going On Vacation, Don't Hate.


In ur poinsettias, openin up prezents. Meow.
Photo: Getty Images.

Oh, hay. We here at MTV Style are hardworking individuals. I know that because I am the sort of tired where your tear ducts feel spicy from lack of sleep and your knees crack every single time you get up from a chair. AHAHHAHAHHA wait, I just realized that could 100 percent be attributable to the fact that I am as old as the moon. Regardless, this serves as a housekeeping notice to let you, our dear readers, know that starting tomorrow we are all going on vacation. Like, ALL OF US. I know the internet will continue to barrel on in that punishingly voracious way that it does, to where it feels like the room is filling with poisonous gas, but in celebration of the holidays, mirth, booze, and rejuvenation we will only be publishing a post or two a day leading up to January.

In the interim, feel free to catch up on bygone posts, but please don't let our patch of the information superhighway grow over and be forgotten. Keep us in your hearts as we will with y'all, and happy holidays! Don't fight too hard with your family, eat way more than is necessary for a human being, drive carefully wherever you go, and we'll see you next year. Peas. xoxo

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