Let's Pit The Michael Kors Scuba Dress Against Its More Affordable Nasty Gal Counterpart

Lime scuba dress from the Michael Kors Resort 2012 collection and the Nasty Gal version.
Photo: Courtesy of Michael Kors/Nasty Gal

It's not out of the ordinary to see standout runway pieces metamorphosed by other retailers, so seeing the heralded Michael Kors lime green scuba dress (which has become a kind of hallmark for the 2012 MK Resort collection) given the knockoff treatment by Nasty Gal wasn't entirely a surprise. While this certainly isn't as near a match as that Miu Miu / ASOS midi dress, the similarities and like-minded sentiments behind both styles are undeniably present. With nearly the entire office deserted due to holiday travel (except über-essentials like the Style team *hair flip*), we're left to our own devices, reaching out to the far corners of the internet for entertainment. So, let's play a game! Which design do you prefer?

Granted, the balance here is totally unfair. The Kors is the original, and it's doubtful that the Nasty Gal verzhe would even exist without the MK design acting as its muse. Minus points, Nasty Gal. But let's push aside all that and judge the dresses for what they are. The Kors features a deeper, almost neon, lime green and a more convincingly "scuba" higher neckline. The extra-long front zipper also merits allusion points, but is it too on the nose? Though bodycon, there's a nice slight flare at the hem of the OG dress, which we appreciate for its modesty factor. And retailing at $1,795, we imagine you're also paying for quality fabrics and construction. Not really feeling the fash-Teva sandals paired with it for the ecommerce site, though that's no fault of the frock.

We're obvi into the Nasty Gal scuba dress's bank account-friendly $48 price tag, but does that translate into a cheaper look too? The knockoff is a considerably lighter green, more akin to key lime pie than the original. But we're actually really feeling its feminine scoop neck and the black contrast piping. It's suuuuuper bodycon, which, depending on how hard you're willing to WERQUE it, could be a good or bad thing, but that design choice definitely breathes a little more youth into the piece. Each dress makes a great case for itself, but again, we want to know what YOU think. Which dress can you see yourself sporting: the OG Michael Kors or the Nasty Gal knockoff?

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