New Year's Eve Beauty Survival Kit

Picture this. It’s New Year’s Eve. You’re out with your friends, having a fabulous time. You’re all dressed to the nines in your 2012 finest, when all of a sudden, you notice one of your freshly manicured nails is starting to chip in the most dangerously precarious way. You don’t sweat it, though, because, well, what can you do about it at this point? It’s half an hour 'til midnight—just suck it up, right? Next thing you know, that jagged little nail piece has downright molested your sheer tights, and now you’re working with what looks like a bizarro ill-placed racing stripe aaaall the way down your right leg. Aajkflhg;dfja. Well, it’s a good thing we’re all just pretending right now, because we’d hate to break this to you in such a fragile state. Not to sound like a total MOM or anything, but all those mishaps? They definitely could have been prevented. WITH THE SAME THING! Thankfully, we’re catching you early with our foolproof survival kit to help you MacGyver your way out of any beauty malady or wardrobe malfunction that may cross your path this NYE.

Let’s start with your toolbox (aka your clutch, the house in which these style-saving items will live). We won't have you toting around a suitcase all night, but you'll definitely need a little more attaché real estate for these extra items. We suggest a soft clutch (sorry, hard-case lovers), so you're not having to reenact a nightmare turn in Jenga every time you use something. The fabric shell will move to accommodate all its innards. We're obsessed with these Clare Vivier fold-over clutches, which come in 20 fun color combinations to coordinate with any NYE outfit you cook up. At $156, it's a great investment piece since you KNOW you're going to be rocking this statement staple wayyy past that midnight countdown. The ASOS tortoise shell frame clutch is a steal at roughly 60 bucks, and is a great substitute for the retro hard-case look. Plus, that bone hue goes with just about anything! And of course, we can't leave out the quintessentially NYE Kate Spade Sparkle Summit Agathe clutch in this gold sequin colorway. With that $295 price tag it's a bit steep, but we can see the flashy bag having legs well past the glitzy holiday.

Beauty Products

The contents of your New Year's Eve Beauty Survival Kit
Photo: Courtesy of RiteAid, Sephora, Amazon, Walgreens, Stila, Target, Bonne Bell, ASOS, Sally Hansen, and Dove

Any holiday SO notorious for unabashed merrymaking merits the inclusion of a Tide To Go pen, and this one is MINI! With a reputation that boasts the ability to instantly remove fresh food and drink stains—including any fabric's worst nightmare, red wine—this is a vital companion for the night. God forbid you even have to worry about surprise blemishes on NYE, but this little tube of Make Up Forever concealer will be your pinch hitter for the night. Whip this sucker out and use in concert with an oil-absorbing sheet when everyone with Beyoncé's "Run The World (Girls)" routine starts to counteract the layers of preventative setting spray you applied before leaving the house. This travel-size Dove deodorant and a sample tube of perfume will also come in handy after going hard on the dance floor. Throw in a few Goody bobby pins for the inevitable stray hairs and a couple safety pins in various sizes, because you never know when a strap or zipper might turn on you.

As strange as it may sound, keep a dryer sheet or two handy. An unused one is a surefire combatant for silky dresses sticking to tights and static-riddled hair, while used sheets are the BEST way to get rid of pesky deodorant marks—great news for your LBD. Save precious bag space by maximizing utility with this Stila convertible color compact, which acts as both a blush AND a lipstick. We also recommend a tube of trusty Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker, which provides a healthy tint to lips along with a glossy sheen (honestly, we swear by this year-round). Ditch your wallet in favor of a sleek card holder. We like this metallic pink one from ASOS not just because it's feminine and festive, but it'll be easy to spot in your bag.

These Dr. Scholl's blister treatment adhesives aren't just great for the havoc your killer heels may wreak on your ankles and feet, they also make going braless way cheaper than actual pasties and way less conspicuous than the ol' crisscrossed Band-Aid routine. And finally, this Sally Hansen clear nail polish pen pulls double-duty for emergency manicures and stopping runs in your hosiery before they send you free-legging in the dead of winter. Brrrr! The best part? Most of these items can be picked up at your local drugstore or even around your house. I mean, it doesn't get much easier than that. Arm yourself with this beauty arsenal, and we guarantee your night will pop off without a single style hitch!

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