Miu Miu Gets The Knockoff Treatment With This Affordable Alternative Dress From ASOS

A dress from Miu Miu's Fall 2011 collection and one from ASOS.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of ASOS

For every girl with a fondness for a more feminine steeze, Miu Miu no doubt harbors a special place in her heart. The line's demure, '40s-inspired fall 2011 collection has been much talked about and ogled since the first victory-rolled look hit the runway last February, from the refreshingly covered silhouettes to the old-school floral prints to, of course, those ubiquitous glitter booties. Unfortunately, though widely beloved, not every girl can afford a Miu Miu of her own to love and cherish and flaunt in all her Facebook pictures. That's where ASOS comes in. The popular online retailer draws in hordes of style-conscious customers with its (seemingly endless) sales and a design aesthetic with a finger to the pulse of the fashion community. So it wasn't a huge surprise to learn that the ecommerce site boasts this SUUUUPER close replica of one of Miu Miu's midi-length dresses for a fraction of the OG price.

This isn't the first time we've seen a retailer offer a knockoff from this brand's fall 2011 line. Back in October, we had to invest in a Sham Wow or two just to sop up the WANT-dribble that came with the news of Steve Madden's version of the Miu Miu glitter bootie. But now, with this ASOS dress, we can complete the entire look! With its floral embellished sleeves, conservative neckline, and elongated midi hem, this ASOS dress is as close to "dead ringer" for the original Miu Miu crepe dress as you're probably ever going to get for less than 200 bucks. Complete with an open back just like its muse, this ASOS dress is about 25 times cheaper than the real thing. That's something like a 96 percent discount, which in our very, very sick shopaholic's rationale means it's basically free!! *cue "Sold Out" status in the next five minutes*

{via Red Carpet Fashion Awards}

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