We Wish We Could Afford These Chanel, Isabel Marant, And Alexander Wang Sneakers

chanel sneakers

Chanel high-tops.
Photo: Neo2

Spring 2012 is shaping up to be the season of the sneaker. We noticed a distinct sneaker trend emerging from the runway collections, but more important, we've been noticing them out on the streets more. We're not talking regular ol' sneaks you toss on with your jeans, either. We've spied ladies in full-on ready-to-be-pap'd outfits tossing a fluoro trainer up in the mix in anticipation for what's sure to come in the warmer months. Just to solidify that this is most definitely a trend, Chanel debuted items from its spring collection in Madrid recently, and the folks at Neo2 magazine snapped a photo of what are, quite possibly, the most killer pair of designer high-top sneakers we could ever want but probably never afford. See those neon puppies up there? Yeah, they're GAHMAZING and all that, but what are these beauties going to do to the proverbial wallet? We shudder to think; in fact, this Chanel high-top conundrum got us thinking about all of the other insane designer sneaks we long for come spring—namely Isabel Marant wedge sneaks and Alexander Wang trainers.

isabel marant alexander wang sneakers

Isabel Marant and Alexander Wang sneakers.
Photo: La Garconne

First of all, how CRAY are those Chanel high-tops? Not only are they sporting the neon trend (in yellow, too, which seems to be big for spring), they've got some shiny silver and Velcro thrown in for authenticity. Also, the ubiquitous interlocking C's are playfully obnoxious in the most Chanel of ways. We're also totally enraptured by the Isabel Marant Willow high-top sneaker (above left) and think it's the exact shoe we should have on our feet RIGHT NOW. Not only is the cream, blue, pale pink, gray, and dark red suede color combo beautifully juxtaposed to render them perfect with just about any outfit involving dark skinny jeans, they have a hidden 3-½ inch heel. We'll have to wait until February for these lovelies, and then we'll have to wait for a winning lottery ticket (geez, they are SO GOOD). The Alexander Wang Dillon Sneaker looks like the cooler younger brother to a pair of chunky New Balances. We love the cool grays mixed with a bright blue stripe and yellow laces. Even though these are available now, we're going to have to hope for a Christmas miracle with that price tag.

Still, if there's anything these GORGE yet totally unreachable sneakers are telling us is that sneakers in general will be big this spring. This means it's more about finding a pair that suits our means, resurrecting an old pair, or hunting for vintage '80s sneaks (since that was the era that infused neon into just about everything). We may not be able to throw a wedge into an old pair of running shoes, but we can easily add a pair of colored laces. Or we can take clandestine inspiration from Pharrell's DIY interlocking C booties. Whatever works!

{via Neo2}

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