New 'Nailed' Book Showcases The Craziest Nail Art We've Ever Seen, Period

Photo: Courtesy of Standard Press and Damiani Editore

You guys, something happened. We thought we knew nail art, and then we stumbled upon this book called Nailed: The History of Nail Culture and Dzine, and now we're crying and shaking in a corner wondering how nails went from cute and simple 2-D designs to absolutely insane mini 3-D sculptures. Like, this nail art game is Out. Of. Control. Chicago-based artist Dzine commissioned photographers all over the world to capture their local nail sculpture subcultures on film, and they did NOT disappoint. From nail artists to salon owners to straight-up nail lovers, not one corner of the nail art world is left unturned. The best part, though, is that nail sculptures are beginning to be looked at as real works of art. "The people involved in this community have no formal art training, yet their passion to make beautiful, over-the-top ornamental objects is what truly struck me, hence the body of work. It has reminded me why I’m an artist and why I choose to create," Dzine says. The book covers everything from the history of nail art (it goes waaayyy back, surprisingly!) to personal cultural expression. The book is only available online exclusively through The Standard shops until February 2012, but enough talk! We wanna see some BADASS NAIL ART!

Photo: Courtesy of Kai Regan from Nailed

Photo: Courtesy of Catherine Wong from Nailed

On the left we see nail sculptures modeled after Cirque Du Soleil performers (PUH-LEASE peep the top left corner where there's a man doing a one-legged stand through a hula hoop. Yeah.), and on the right, an homage to '60s rock and roll with peace signs, guitars, and bell bottoms galore.

Photo: Courtesy of Kai Regan from Nailed

These cat eye nails are off the CHAIINNNN, amiright?

Photo: Courtesy of Catherine Wong from Nailed

So, that hand on the right has fake nails as a BACKDROP to the Greek god Poseidon and so much other amazing stuff happening in here that you'll have to see it in book form to even BELIEVE it.

Photo: Courtesy of Kai Regan from Nailed

Fierce gold finger jewelry paired with sharp teal stiletto nails SCREAMS "Badass chick."

Photo: Courtesy of Chris Mosier from Nailed

The bejeweled tips feature giant gems with chains, a rhinestone and rose studded locket, and a leopard leaf seashell with stars.

Photo: Courtesy of Gabriella Davi-Khorasanee from Nailed

These ladies match their nail art to their sneakers (!!!) for KILLER Adidas, Asics, and Vans-inspired designs. (P.S. The girl in the top right photo has burger, fries, and hot dog nails to match her picnic blanket-patterned Shell Tops. NBD.)

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