Daphne Guinness Talks Using Nail Polish As Lipstick, Proves She's The Coolest Heiress Ever

Daphne Guinness in Monaco on Oct. 20.
Photo: Getty Images

Could a makeup line inspired by PIGEON BLOOD get any odder? Of course—when the creator is beer heiress Daphne Guinness. The latest MAC collaborator, who harbors a penchant for outrageous fashions, also has a predilection for experimenting with makeup. No, we're not talking about blue lipstick or printed lip tattoos (that's SOOO two weeks ago), Daphne gets inventive by using nail polish... as her lipstick. Yes, you read that right.

Nail polish is the new lipstick, according to Daphne who is apparently a GENIUS when it comes to product development. I mean, what a great way to put all that neon nail polish collecting dust in your bathroom drawer to use! And if you bought too much paint for your living room wall, you can totes use that as makeup too. Paint is also a sporadic part of Guinness' beauty regimen. "Sometimes I use paint. Yesterday, I was wearing nail polish as lipstick," she tells Stylelist. "It's just experiment after experiment." Excuse us, we're in awe. Have you met anyone as FIERCE? Naturally, Guinness' brazen approach to makeup has us dreaming up innovative ways to use her new MAC collection. Lipstick as eyeshadow? Blush as hair dye? Why not? That's what ALL the cool heiresses do.

Oh, we learned something else. The style icon likes getting ready for a party more than the actual party. "I like getting prepared [for the party]. That's my favorite thing!" Yeah, you and every other girl, Daph. And there you have it. No matter how quirky our makeup choices are, we really are all the same when it comes to primping. Some of us just prefer to primp with pigeon blood-inspired nail polish as lipstick. YES.

{via Stylelist}

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