Kanye West Wants $378 Versace Towels For Christmas

Kanye West Versace Towels

Kanye West at the Irreverent Dinner hosted by Carine Roitfeld in Paris on Oct. 4.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Versace

Kanye West is baaaaaack, y'all! Well, on Twitter at least (no, he didn't rappel into our offices to come drink diet fountain soda with us [sad]). We were really starting to miss the producer/rapper/fashion designer/Roitfeld bestie/bon vivant RULL bad, especially his infamous beauty rants but thankfully he hit up Twitter yesterday for a good ol' Yeez tweet spree.

Turns out Twitter isn't just about broadcasting rando updates 24/7 ("OMGAWG I had a sandwich. It was turkey etc etc"), but it also functions as that one book "The Secret," and its special, special gospel. You basically ask for crap and it shall be FULFILLED (if you buhlee hard enough). As such, Kanye wrote about his Christmas wishlist. He tweeted in all caps "ALL I WANT 4 XMAS!" with a link to red Versace towels (see above) and then we took it a step further and investigated the price-tag (What? It sounds so much fancier than "Googled").

Dudes, a set costs $378! We figure with 5 million plus followers, one particularly wealthy fan will find a way to lace Kon with a special gift. Kanye should get everything he wants. Always. That way, everything will turn out perfectly. Forever.

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