Kreayshawn Gets Dolled Up With Black And Blonde Extensions

Kreayshawn shows off new extensions.
Photo: Courtesy of Kreayshawn's Instagram

And a happy Friday afternoon, to you TOO, Kreayshawn. It feels like we JUST fell in love with your newly aqua hair—excited by the technicolor wonder of it all and how it added another layer of urban swag meets cartoon to your entire getup. Now it looks like you've reverted to the tried and true black locks + blonde bangs combo that worked so well for you for months. (I mean, HAI, amazing i-D cover that we'll never, EVER forget.) This time, though, it's the bobbed length you're stepping away from, and we have to say, the long luscious look is wayyyy good on you, gurl.

From the looks of the Instagram snap, what with the conspicuous makeup brush and artful hand of an expert, we're under the assumption that Baby Kreay got her face painted and hair did for a special shoot! Her winged cat-eye game is on point (as is expected for the liquid eyeliner pro) and we're really digging the matte pale pink lip. But it's the luxurious extensions and how beautifully they frame her face that we're really dying over. As glamorous a beauty shot as this is, we're waiting for Kreay to post a pic of the mane action en total to get the FULL bombshell effect of these extra tresses. HEAR OUR PLEAS!!!

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