Behold: Billionaire Girls Club By Pharrell Williams

Billionaire Girls Club

Billionaire Girls Club.
Photo: Courtesy of Billionaire Girls Club

Confession: Everyone at MTV Style is kind of OBSESSED with Pharrell Williams. The N.E.R.D. frontman epitomizes the kind of effortless panache we live for over here! Whether he's rocking Chanel and a white tee or cutoffs and a military hat, it's clear he doesn't care what anyone thinks, and that's sososo cool. In fact, his penchant for setting trends with his UH-mazing Billionaire Boys Club designs has spawned a million Faux-rells who dress just like he does. (Three words: Trucker. Hat. Craze.) But what about the girls? Why can't we give OUR wardrobes the Pharrell makeover? For so long, we eagerly awaited our chance to rock jersey tanks, hoodies, and tees with super cool graphic logos and finally, our day has come. Billionaire Girls Club is officially here. *back flips*

As a teaser to BGC's official debut, Pharrell recently released possibly the coolest casual luxe wear we've seen in FOREVS. Jersey tanks in teal, purple, and gray hues got the rock star treatment with a "Space Girl" head graphic designed by renowned Japanese graphic artist SK8THING. To pair with our edgy basic tees, 'Rell gave us a silver iridescent skirt, adorbs white high-waisted pants and a BAD-ASS pair of tattoo hose we need in our lives, like, yesterday. Accessories include cute, quirky headwear like turban headbands, a skull hat, and even a beret. But umm, where are our military Mickey Mouse-pinned hats so we can be Miami Basel cool, like Pharrell? We'll take that with a side of cutoffs, please and thank you.

{via Fashion Bomb Daily}

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