Odd Future Releases Limited-Edition Christmas Tees At Monthlong Pop-Up Shop

Odd Future Christmas Tees

Odd Future's pop-up shop flyer.
Photo: Courtesy of Golf Wang

Put down the bedazzled ironic holiday sweater and get your Christmas hipster chic on, thanks to Odd Future and their monthlong L.A. pop-up shop, which will feature two screen-printed Christmas tees designed by the OFWGKTA crew. The two tees showcase naughty nutcrackers and a gingerbread man like you've NEVER seen him before. These NSFW designs really aren't all THAT surprising considering the hip-hop dudes have an affinity for courting a little controversy, who, P.S., boast Mr. Freestylin' Provocateur aka Eminem himself's full "the dudes can rhyme" support. The tees will only be available at the L.A.-based pop-up shop, which will only be open for a month, so you better hurry if you want to get your hands on some Odd Future-designed tees. (Psst: We totally dare you to wear the gingerbread shirts to your grandparents on Christmas Eve, enthusiastically offer to say "Grace" and report back to us. *DEAD* Just don't expect anything but coal in your X-Mas stocking this year! *Makes spiked eggnog, kicks off Doc Martens, and watches Bad Santa DVD* #TeamOddFuture

{via High Snobiety}