Vera Wang And The Situation's Tuxedo Lines: Produced By The Same Company?

Vera Wang and Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino may share a formal wear manufacturer.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of FLOW Formal Wear's Facebook

When the lovebitten ladyfolk of the world picture their fairy-tale weddings—all harpsichord strumming, rolling hills to the coast, and assorted sparkle magic of the like—most of the time, they're ALSO picturing themselves swaddled in the exquisite bridal garb of Miss Vera Wang. After years of being that go-to dream gown designer, Wang is finally showing the dudes some love with Black by Vera Wang. The tuxedo rental collection is part of an exclusive partnership Wang has just announced with The Men's Wearhouse, to provide all the grooms out there with the same keen and loving design eye afforded to so many ladies on their special day. While this is all very exciting in and of itself, what sparks OUR specific interest here is that, according to Fashionista Vera Wang's tuxes are expected to be made by Flow Formal Wear. If the name seems familiar, it's because it is. Flow is the very same company to manufacture our boy, The Situation's line of self-promoted penguin suits.

What does this mean for the projected future of Black by Vera Wang? Does it hint at a shred of Jersey Shore in every Wang tux? Or that maybe everyone was wrong to doubt the legitimacy of Sitch's OG line? We're not quite sure, and we definitely don't have answers. What we do know, though, is that, real talk, a lot of the clothes (or parts of clothes) you see out in the wild are all coming from the same places. The garment tags that tell you how to wash your clothes or confirm that there's not a single naturally occuring fiber on your back? There's most likely a factory in some armpit of the Pacific Northwest that's churning them ALL out. Every Father's Day tie purchase? All signed off by the same charming Italian man with the MOST nimble fingers. What we're saying is, whether Vera's and Mike's tuxes come out of the same workshop doesn't guarantee that one will have an influence on the other. In fact, in all likelihood, it won't matter a lick. It's just interesting, nah mean?

{via WWD and Fashionista}

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