Justin Bieber Proves Himself King Of Jackets With Personalized Outerwear

Justin Bieber wears a custom "Bieber" jacket.
Photo: Courtesy of Justin Bieber's Instagram

Is it possible to make an article of clothing your thing?? Because we have a feeling that's what Justin Bieber is trying to do with jackets. Make no mistake, we're ALL about having a signature piece, whether it be door knocker earrings or tailored blouses buttoned to the tippy top or brooches or whatever! But to indiscriminately stake your flag in an entire category of vestment? That warrants a bit of an *eyebrow raise* and a *head tilt*, AMIRITE? Perhaps it's a little presumptuous (maybe even dramatic) to put words in the dude's mouth and this is all just a result of fashion happenstance, but given this recent Instagram of his latest outerwear acquisition, we just can't shake this notion that The Biebs is decreeing JACKETS as his personal steeze.

We're not saying that there's anything wrong with it. I mean, if I were bequeathed a one-off (what appears to be) leather jacket with metallic green constrast sleeves, mixed textures, and my last name in bejeweled block letters emblazoned across the shoulders, well, BETTA BUH-LIEVE I'd wear that ish threadbare. But it's that Bieber is just blanket claiming jackets in their entirety rather than one silhouette, such as "members only" or "varsity" or "bomber" or SOMETHING specific. Instead, pop's golden boy has worn nearly every style from band jacket to blazer at least once since the temp dropped below 70. And yet, even though we're kicking up all this dirt trying to explain it, the truth is, we actually can't help but admire the breadth of statement outwear the dude is willing to try. And when all is said and done, this rant is just the manifestation of deep-seated jealousy because we have a mental block relegating us to the same single-color moto jacket, completely naked of any custom insignia. *pity party*

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