New Versace For H&M Cruise Collection Filled With Fruit, Frills, And Tons Of Pastels

Versace for H&M's 2012 Cruise Collection.
Photo: Courtesy of H&M

All right, we're taking a poll. Raise your hand if you went certifiably BANANAS over the first Versace for H&M collection. DUH! Everyone did. We ogled each piece in the lookbook, stalked celebs wearing the clothes (yeah, we're talking about you too, Kanye!) and ran like crazed animals into H&M to buy a leopard/neon/printed jacket for ourselves. We also quite possibly (OK, totally) set up a tent somewhere near Fifth Avenue and froze in the cold for fashion. For hours. And now that we've FINALLY recovered from our retail frenzy-induced hangover, H&M has announced a second collection with Versace. SQUEAL. It's so epic, so magical, so full of sartorial brilliance that you must stop what you're doing and take a look. Like, NOW.

This time around, the UH-mazing palm trees and pink suits are replaced by every fruit you can think of. Berries, apples, and strawberries flank the front of sandals and bikinis for more girliness than even Nicki Minaj can handle. The remaining dresses and tanks get the pastel treatment in blue and pink hues that make us want to go skipping through the field Rihanna "Only Girl In The World" style. The men's pieces are more understated than the last go-round and embody classic Versace with cardigans, boxers, and a TO-DIE-FOR tote bag boasting the fashion house's iconic logo. No neon leopard print boxer-briefs this time, but clothing that FABTASTIC only comes once in a millennium. The entire collection will be available online Jan. 19, and since H&M won't have e-commerce in the U.S. until Fall 2012, Americans are pretty much screwed. Well, unless you have a friend in the U.K. Jessie J, can you help us?

{via Vogue UK}

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