Rihanna's Backseat (And Basically Bare) Behind-The-Scenes Armani Jeans Video Released

Listen, Rihanna Navy. You better get those life jackets ready because the Rihanna ship is about to sink after y'all watch this smokin' behind-the-scenes peek at her Armani Jeans campaign shot by fashion photographer Steven Klein. Ri Ri looks all kinds of INSANELY DIVINE as she takes it all off in the backseat of a car, and we still can't get over the show-stopping platinum pixie she's sporting from the previously released ads. Watch (and diiiiiiee) as Rihanna struts her stuff in a vacant New York City parking garage while a few foxy/suspicious men clad in suits ogle her (note: Do not attempt IRL, OK?) being the naughty, pin-up girl/crooner that she is. Ri unzips her amazing leather jacket and uses the backseat of an old -school town car as her dressing room. Um, #werque! (P.S. Did someone mention this being a denim ad?) Rihanna's certainly not the first bleached bowl cut, lingerie-clad mega pop star in a steamy black-and-white Klein-directed video clip, but, duh, we're not complaining. We just cannot stop ourselves from talking that talk about our beloved Rihanna. Go on with your bad self, girl!


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