Need It Now: Shirt Collar Necklaces

shirt collar necklaces

From top left: ASOS leather shirt collar, Dannijo silver Aram collar, and Delfina Delettrez cotton Priest Collar
Photo: ASOS; Dannijo; Yoox

We have to share something with you. It's a declaration of sorts from the entire MTV Style staff. WE ARE OBSESSED WITH SHIRT COLLAR NECKLACES. Totally and completely obsessed. It's like a whole staff sweeping kind of thing that cannot be stopped. Every single one of us, at some point, has noticed a shirt collar necklace and shared it with the rest of the staff as if it were this amazing thing that we just found. Then we started to realize these necklaces were kind of a thing happening EVERYWHERE. They were being made by some of our fave accessory designers like Dannijo or worn by stylin' fash-bloggers around zee globe. We each knew we had to have one but couldn't decide between metal or leather, cloth or beaded Peter Pan. It's been a total style conundrum for the last few months, but now that the holidays are here, we're ready to go bold and ask Santa for what we want (and that's, namely, a shirt collar necklace to adorn our New Year's Eve outfits). Here are some of our faves!

The black ASOS Airtex Leather Shirt Collar (above left) is an everyday pick. Aside from being sharp and modern with tiny perforations in the leather, we like that this collar looks just like a collar and can transform crew neck sweaters and simple dresses. The Dannijo Aram necklace (middle), on the other hand, is straight-up neck bling of the highest order and is the kind of accessory that demands head turns when you walk into a room. This necklace would look killer atop a black halter maxi dress with spiky platforms or under a lady tuxedo. If you want to go literal yet with a cheeky twist, the Delfina Delettrez Priest Cotton Collar (above right) should do the trick. First of all, PRIEST is in the title. Pair that apropos description with a set of hot pink lips at the throat, and you'll be making an edgy, subversive, and starched-to-perfection statement.

gold collar necklaces

ASOS metal collar necklace and and Bauble Bar Bold Gold cascade necklace.
Photo: ASOS; Bauble Bar

If you want to adopt the trend but not so literally, we suggest this ASOS Metal Collar Necklace (left) which hangs lower on the clavicle and, therefore, is perfect for a bare décolletage. (This collahhh has NYE written all over it!) We also love Bauble Bar's Bold Gold Cascade necklace (right) for a more feminine take on a men's collar and tie. This necklace also has an art deco feel and begs for a layered ensemble or flouncy dress, heels, and dark lipstick.


Dannijo Stella collar.
Photo: Free People

But, really, we cannot get enough of this Dannijo Stella Collar above, which seems to take care of all of your shirt collar necklace needs. It's row upon row of gold and metal chains put together in a fanciful, Peter Pan-inspired way complete with sweet bow in the middle. It's the quintessential shirt collar necklace and close to the exact one we couldn't resist. And by "we" I mean our fearless leader, Sophia Rai, who braved Black Friday in all its carpal tunnel-inducing insanity, just to get the coveted Sinatra collar into her "Add to Basket". (SWOON!!) Like we said, it's totally worth being obsessed over.


MTV Style Executive Producer, Sophia Rai, wearing the Dannijo Stella Collar.
Photo: MTV Style

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