Dianna Agron And Darren Criss Wear Retro Holiday Bathing Suits, Look Insanely Adorable


Dianna Agron and Darren Criss in retro swimwear.
Photo: Dianna Agron's Twitter

There's nothing that screams "HOLIDAY!" more than a pair of red and white swimsuits. Wait, what? Seriously, stay with me here. The holidays are all about festive attire in every imaginable incarnation—from ridiculous Christmas sweaters to wooly mufflers and capes—but in some parts of the world swimwear is a totally legit option for this colder holiday month. I'm talking places like Southern Cali or onstage with The Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall. Another place where these two examples seem to crisscross in candy cane-striped harmony? The set of Glee. Dianna Agron recently posted the cutest pic evah to her Twitter feed with the caption, "Today at the pool. You would think we were filming a classic movie with @DarrenCriss." Funny, that's exactly what I was thinking, only the classic movie I was seeing in my head had sparkly floating icicles, synchronized swimming snowmen, and Darren and Dianna singing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" to each other while dancing around an ice floe with gigantic candy canes. Seriously, though, what's going on in this adorable retro-inspired photo?

It must be mentioned that Dianna and Darren look absolutely GORGE in their complementary red and white bathing suits. (Well done with those Instagram skillz, Miss Agron!) Their creamy complexions are markedly enviable and they appear to be A) besties, B) the cutest couple in the universe, or C) actors who are well-versed in the art of smizing. Dianna's pulled back hair with a white flower adds a nice touch of vintage elegance to her red and white striped halter bikini top, and the bold red lip pulls it all together. Darren appears to be wearing a retro man's bathing costume (and is totally missing a twisty moustache to go along with it), and there's absolutely nothing we would change other than maybe asking the costume designer to pepper a few more Glee episodes with this exact image. Judging by Dianna's caption to this photo, it sounds as if there will be an upcoming episode filmed at a pool. (Perhaps when New Directions goes to Regionals? Who knows!) All I'm certain of is that the look these two whippersnappers are sportin' is classic regardless of its warmer weather connotations. It's retro classic and totally holiday-tastic too.

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