Lana Del Rey Gets Saucy In Red-Tipped Stiletto Nails For 'Spex' Magazine

Lana Del Rey for "Spex" magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of "Spex"

Did we call it or WHAT? Back in July, we gushed about then unknown Lana Del Rey's covetable vintage "Gangster Nancy Sinatra" style, and now, scant a half-year later, girl and her music videos are blowing up all over the interwebz and she's fronting foreign magazines. Lana graces the cover of Spex magazine, the German glossy that rolled out one of our absolute favorite images of a barefaced and vulnerable Lady Gaga to date, for its forthcoming Jan/Feb 2012 issue. If it weren't for the immaculate lighting, with nary a hair out of place, we'd put money on this image being a candid or test shot, one wrong move away from being relegated to the cutting room floor. That, instead, the snap was decorated in German cover lines just makes it THAT much more amazing.

The poster girl for Hollywood sadcore breaks from her usual glamourously bummed demeanor, exerting just enough effort to strike an almost sign of the horns pose, all the better to display her red-tipped stiletto nails. Lana, doing what the girl does best, toes the line between captivatingly gorgeous and hide-your-kids, hide-your wife dangerous (in, like, a crazy pants, human embodiment of Pulp Fiction, "don't double-cross this bish because she WILL set fire to you and your entire estate" kind of way). Shrouded in a thick chestnut fur and soft cascading tendrils, she juxtaposes the louche femmecat-ness with a killer winged eyeliner job and a FAT mixed metallic two-finger knuckle buster ring.

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