Male Model Andrej Pejic Stars In Push-Up Bra Ad, Shows Off Believable Cleavage

Andrej Pejic Push-Up Bra

Andrej Pejic in a push-up bra ad.
Photo: Courtesy of HEMA

You can see some strange things on the interwebs, y'all! Babies who stop crying when you play Biggie Smalls, a woman with mile-long fingernails, your celeb guy crush parading around in a onesie, but a male model in a push-up bra who looks GOOD, like Victoria's Secret catalog GOOD, tops them ALL!!

To be fair, androgynous model Andrej Pejic is the most undeniably GAWGUS man we've ever laid eyes on (those cheekbones are what the Zoolander stare was MADE for!), and his lithe frame could easily double as a woman's since most models' bra cups don't exactly runneth over. Pejic's breasts, though, don't even exist. (PROOF!) And Hema's mega push-up bra transformed them into a VA-VA-VOOM moment, or at least a full A cup. Yeah, we're going to need five of those.

The people behind the Dutch megastore are not only experts at pushing up boobies, they're the new face of innovative lingerie marketing. "It's revolutionary," Pejic's Sydney agent, Joseph Tenni, told Frockwriter. "I've never known a man to do a women's lingerie campaign before." We've never known a man to get cleavage just by putting on a bra! PINCH. US. How is this even possible?! The Hema bra promises to take your modest boobies up two cup sizes, and if they can give a man breasts, an actual woman can go from A to Dolly Parton in seconds flat. Now, can we buy something to get Pejic's cheekbones too?

{via Fashionista}

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