The Best Beyonce Outfits Of 2011

Crafting a "Best Of 2011" compilation of outfits worn by Beyoncé Knowles is hard. You'll run into dangers, toils, and snares, mostly because there will be looks you can't bear to cut. Combine the tendency for indecision in the face of beauty (or a desire for completism) with a self-professed, wholly STANNISH obsession with the former Destiny's Child frontlady (to where you've already imprinted on the MorphThing image of baby Jay'oncé), and you've got one helluva post. So without further ado, MTV Style brings you the best and brightest style moments of Beyoncé's 2011.


Stills from Beyoncé's "Run The World (Girls)" music video.
Photo: Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment

For the first single off 4, Beyoncé not only offers up one of the most thrilling displays of power in her "Run The World (Girls)" music video, she does it swaddled in 10 entirely different designer looks. That's nearly two outfits a minute, if you're counting. We caught up with Bey's stylist Ty Hunter for all the ins and outs of the credits that run the gamut from Gareth Pugh to Alexander McQueen to Givenchy.


Beyoncé surprises students at PS/MS 161 in Harlem as part of First Lady Michelle Obama's "Let's Move" initiative.
Photo: Getty Images

If you haven't seen the video of Beyoncé surprising the students of PS/MS 161 in Harlem midway through their performance of her classic "Move Your Body" routine, you're missing out on one of the cutest things to hit the interwebz, ever. Repping First Lady Michelle Obama's initiative to fight childhood obesity, Bey reworked the lyrics of "Get Me Bodied" and then magically appeared at the kids' gym in synchronized formation. A "Let's Move" tank, white skinny jeans, and a pair of peep-toe pumps were the perfect ensemble for blowing students' minds.


Beyoncé for "W" magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of "W"

Bey may have split double covers with Christina Aguilera for this music issue of W magazine, but nevertheless she commanded full attention with a fashion editorial replete with sumptuous millinery. From the Louis logo military hat (a style we've seen crop up recently) to the paillette-adorned pill box perched above bleached eyebrows, this shoot was all sorts of dramatic jewel-toned high FASHUN eye candy.


Beyoncé shoots a fashion spread at Hotel Ritz in Paris, France.
Photo: Getty Images

Bey was shot for a spread in Harper's Bazaar dipped in this vibrant, flower petaled Gucci gown, smack dab in the middle of her Parisian vacay with hubby Jay-Z. Being Beyoncé is a full-time job, but at least with a sheer designer dress, a gilded terrace, and floor-to-ceiling windows, she can enjoy a boudoir feeling even while she's on the clock.


Beyoncé spotted at Disneyland Resort Paris in a Goofy hat.
Photo: Getty Images

On the same Paris getaway, we spied Bey in another eye-catching ensemble. Who else but B has the ladycojones to hit up Disneyland Resort Paris drenched in gobs of Balmain paired with this Goofy flat-brim cap, floppy ears, buck teeth, and all?! This outfit encapsulates that bombshell meets goofball vibe that we love so much about our girl.


A still from Beyoncé 's "Countdown" music video.
Photo: Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment

Sure, that Audrey Hepburn Funny Face tribute, with the high bun, the mock turtleneck, the socks and slippers, is what initially sparked the fash buzz behind Beyoncé's "Countdown" music video, but this string of solid Capezio leotards with the same graphic striped floppy brim hat is what POPS for us. So much so that we figured out how to replicate it for Halloween.


Beyoncé performs onstage during the 2011 Billboard Music Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

Beyoncé took to the stage before accepting the Millennium Award at this year's Billboard Music Awards for one of the most inspired performances of her career. With nothing but a few draped pieces of string, or rather a chain-web bodysuit that looked less like a dress and more like a macramé project, Bey looked amazing and destroyed with this heartfelt performance of "Run The World (Girls)" that was set against a dynamic LED animation.


A still from Beyoncé 's "Best Thing I Never Had" music video.
Photo: Courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment

For her second single from 4 Bey released the kiss-off ballad "Best Thing I Never Had" along with its matrimonial music video. In an act of smug defiance against a former flame, Bey romps around in the most tantalizing and yet somehow still decent (as far as lingerie goes), wedding-night appropriate Agent Provocateur negligee. While we would have liked to see her video groom be played by real-life hubby Jay, we suppose the 24-karat manicure and honey bun hairdo will have to do.


Beyoncé for "Dazed and Confused" magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of "Dazed and Confused"

No one has ever accused Beyoncé of having a poor work ethic, and it's doubtful that anyone ever will. The super-über-mega-star pulled double duty, shooting an editorial spread for Dazed and Confused magazine WHILE filming the music video for her anthemic "Party." Both concepts are high/low, pitting fur, couture, and an immaculate beauty game against trailers, kiddie pools, and plastic neon tumblers. The saturated mixed prints, aqua eye liner, and bleached bouffant seal the deal for mag cover immortality.


Beyoncé arrives at the 28th Annual MTV Video Music Awards.
Photo: Getty Images

Of COURSE, this is the note upon which we'll end. What would this year be for Ms. Carter-Knowles without the EPIC reveal of her baby bump at the 2011 VMAs? While we loved the sequined mini tux and the belly stroke that broke the entire internet during her VMA performance, for us this orange one-shouldered Lanvin gown and the hordes of whispered "OMGAAAAAAWD!" "RULLY????!!" and "PREGNANT"s on the red carpet will remain unforgettable. Plus, you know Ms. Bey had a person carrying the train of this thing while she walked, right? BOSS. Good God we love this woman.


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