Justin Bieber Or Rihanna: Who Wore A Onesie Best?

Justin Bieber and Rihanna both rock onesies.
Photo: Courtesy of Justin Bieber's Instagram and Rihanna's Facebook

The internet is truly a magical place. Apart from the ease and speed it brings to disseminating information and images and kitten videos, it also shatters some sort of unholy social barrier, allowing people to post the most random, potentially embarrassing ish to public forums with no greater consequence than a Kanye shrug. Imagine, for instance, if this world wide web didn't exist. Would you still consider tacking a picture of yourself in long underwear to your front door? Your local community bulletin board? Probably not. And yet, in these progressive digital times, it's perfectly acceptable for Justin Bieber and Rihanna to upload images of themselves clad in skintight onesies to the interwebz.

We could just leave it at that. Just acknowledge that Biebs and RiRi are so unequivocally comfortable with themselves and their online identity that they can plaster their visage all over the internet swaddled in garb we used to LITERALLY grit our teeth at the mere mention of wearing under our clothes in middle school. But we here at MTV Style just don't operate that way. We have to dissect, define, and ultimately feed these daring souls to the wolves for a "Who Wore It Better?" #sorrywerenotsorry

Justin posted this artsy self-portrait with the caption, "Hahahahah real gs wear tight onzies." While the beginning laughter could indicate that he's kidding, we think he has a point. Only someone totally secure with themselves could effectively rock the infantilizing full-body one-piece. Bieber's long johns feature a henley placket running all the way down his torso and are most likely of the thermal waffled variety. He pairs the cold weather body suit with a slouchy beanie and a pair of black wayfarers to add as much maturity as is possible for an outfit resembling the footied uniform of infants.

Perhaps Rihanna is the true G, though, rocking this nautical/rugby striped onesie with so much IDGAF and intimidation mean-mugging. In truth, she's a sweet girl (the printed elephant socks being kiiiind of a dead giveaway), and adds some street-style flavor to the long underwear with a head bandana and a pair of giant bamboo doorknocker hoops. Dressing down doesn't appear to be an excuse for RiRi to halt her beauty game, either, as she still makes it a point to swipe on a deep hued pout to finish off the look. Now, tell us, readers: Who wore it best?

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