Watch K-Pop Style Icons 2NE1 Perform Live As MTV Iggy's Best New Band In The World!


The ladies of K-Pop mega band 2NE1.

OK, stop what you're doing right now. We're serious. Are you aware that today is one gigantic celebration of EPIC proportions? Do you know that this afternoon (or evening or NIGHT, depending on where you are) marks the culmination of MTV Iggy's global search for the 2011 Best New Band in the World? And, more importantly, that the winner of this year's search is the totally bonkers bananas crazy face AMAZING K-Pop girl band 2NE1? You should either A) be screaming at this point like we are, B) lined up outside MTV's Times Square headquarters also screaming, or C) about to click on this link right here to catch the livestream of the MTV Iggy Best New Band Live concert (4:00 p.m. ET) to scream while watching 2NE1 make their stateside debut. Did we mention that the triumphant girl power representin' in this band—courtesy of members Minzy, CL, Dara, and Bom—is all wrapped up in some of the most sensational style you've ever seen this side of the Atlantic? Oh, and that these girls love themselves some Jeremy Scott? Whewww, we've got some catchin' UP to do.

jeremy scott 2NE1

Jeremy Scott poses with 2NE1's Dara and CL.
Photo: Courtesy of @ITSJEREMYSCOTT

So, if you're unfamiliar with the musical and street-style shenanigans of 2NE1, let us give you a quick rundown. From Seoul, South Korea, these four ladies mix hip-hop style with everything from reggae to straight-up electro pop, and we're not just talking about their music. They did an INSANE collabo with Jeremy Scott on the RADDEST pair of Adidas Originals JS Wing shoes and have been killin' it all ovah the globe with their music video "I Am the Best" featuring all manner of silver-studded, neon-adorned, high ponytail swishing swagger (with Misfits leather jackets, dripping chainmail, and double unicorn buns for days). There's no way you can't call yourself a super fan after beholding that bizness; in fact, you'll have to officially start calling yourself a #BLACKJACK along with the rest of their legion of fans. All we can tell you is this: these girls brrrrring it in the style depot and there's no telling what kind of magic they'll be performing in this afternoon. So, like we said, STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING and catch the MTV Iggy Best New Band in the World Live action NOW!


2NE1 preparing to take over NYC as MTV Iggy's Best New Band in the World.


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