Jessie J Vs. Pharrell Williams: Who Wore A Military Hat And Cutoffs Better?

jessie j pharrell military hat

Jessie J at T4 Stars of 2011 in London and Pharrell Williams at Art Basel in Miami.
Photo: Getty Images

It could just be a case of the Mondays, but we think we're seeing double. Either that or the style gods have decreed that military hats and cutoff shorts are the latest in attention-grabbing garb at events. Both Jessie J and Pharrell Williams wore almost the exact same ensemble recently—namely a military hat with DIY adornments, a T-shirt, cutoff jean shorts, and combat boots—yet tweaked to their appropriate genders and tastes. Could Jessie have been influenced by Pharrell's look, which he sported TWICE at Art Basel in Miami a few weeks ago? Or are military hats making a comeback and these two just happened get on the trend train a tad early? And what about this shorts winter?! We have so many questions but, most of all, we want to know this: Who wore the DIY military hat and cutoff jean short combo better?

So, Jessie J attended the T4 Stars of 2011 event in her native London wearing an outfit that totally teetered over the cray-cray edge. Her black military hat was emblazoned with some sort of official looking emblem in the center invoking a Soviet military meets NYC cop meets Etsy kind of feel with electric blue yarn threaded through the rim. Miss J paired her hat with bright pink lips and a cutoff tee that screamed, "Hey, Dude!" in loud '80s type while also possibly name checking a favorite Nickelodeon show of the same name. Jessie chose to pair this tee with black cutoff jean shorts (hot pants, really) and garter suspender tights to which she is no stranger. Tipping out this oddly fun mix 'n' match look was a pair of black combat boots that referenced the hat with its military appeal.

Pharrell had fun with his look, too, but overall chose a more relaxed approach in keeping with the setting of Art Basel in Miami. His military hat had no emblem like Jessie's, so he made SEVERAL of his own in the form of Mickey Mouse pins—he even threw a ghost pin into the mix for good measure—and we like this choice. Even though the temperature probably hovered around happy-go-lucky fun summertime Celsius in Florida, the dude kept his sartorial game strong with a buttery leather jacket thrown over an olive V-neck tee and light denim cutoffs that look like they've been worn a million times since the '80s. Pharrell tied a flannel around the shorts for an added does of '90s grunge and then threw on some DIY combat boots with both an outline of his toesies as well as a hand-drawn Chanel symbol. To surmise, this look is all OVAH the place, but it works for him. In fact, both of these looks are bizarro displays of do-it-yourself styling and I-don't-give-a-flip presentation. Thus, we're going to call it a draw as to who wore it better and let YOU decide...

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