Charlotte Ronson, Christian Siriano, And Rachel Roy Sketch Versions Of 'The Hunger Games' Fire Dress

charlotte ronson katniss fire dress hunger games

Charlotte Ronson's version of Katniss' Fire Dress inspired by "The Hunger Games."
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If you're anything like us, the mention of these three words—The Hunger Games—has you giddy with excitement. We're predicting that the upcoming movie adaptation of this incredible book series (which, we can attest, will keep you up at night thumbing through it like a wild-eyed lunatic) is going to be the movie of next year. We also think the film's star, Jennifer Lawrence, who plays Katniss, the main character of this post-apocalyptic, fight-to-the-death adventure, will reignite GIRL POWER and she will do so in some killer costumes. Katniss, you see, has a stylist (who will be played by Lenny Kravitz—ZOMG), and in a pivotal moment in the story, he creates this totally amazing fire dress that is supposed to make her look like she's, literally, on fiiii-ah. We simply cannot wait much longer to see what this will look like and neither can the folks over at In Style, so in a stroke of sartorial genius, they called upon several designers to sketch what they think the fire dress should look like. Everyone from Christian Siriano and Rachel Roy to Charlotte Ronson, who designed this insanity above, have come up with their own versions of this soon-to-be iconic costume, and we're practically on fire ourselves just looking at this goodness.

christian siriano rachel roy katniss fire dress the hunger games

From left: Christian Siriano and Rachel Roy's versions of Katniss' Fire Dress inspired by "The Hunger Games."
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In the book, the fire dress is described as a black unitard that covers Katniss entirely, shiny boots that lace up to her knees, and a cape that flutters in vibrant yellows, oranges, and reds with a matching headpiece. We think Charlotte Ronson pretty much nailed this description and even went so far as to include a matching bow and arrow set, which are Katniss' weapons of choice. It's a modern look that we would love to wear to a party when we want to make a serious entrance. (Note to self: arrows = awesomeness.) Christian Siriano also took a literal approach by giving Katniss a black bodysuit, over-the-knee boots, and a cape that seems to be a chiffon extension of her hair. The hair itself seems to be the headpiece too, as it's dyed to match the cape. It's a more glammed-out feminine look that is in keeping with both the book's description and Siriano's signature style.

Rachel Roy, on the other hand, did something completely different. First of all, her boots have a mocking jay attached to the side—which is Katniss' symbol in The Hunger Games—and this addition is GAH-MAZING. Also, Roy created this science fiction ballerina getup that has a super tight bodice and cascading tulle skirt in the aforementioned fire colors. It's like steampunk meets Black Swan meets high fashion. Oh, and then there's a headpiece that looks like a giant rose on fire (or a neon orange octopus waving its tentacles, depending on your vantage point), and it's just so, SO GOOD. All in all, these designs have us even giddier than before to see the actual fire dress. Did we mention there are even more designer sketches from peeps like Tommy Hilfiger, Erin Fetherston, and The Blonds? Sigh, we don't know which one we like best...

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