Justin Bieber's 'Someday' Is Officially 'Fragrance Of The Year' According To 2011 WWD Beauty Inc Awards

Justin Bieber's "Someday" is named Prestige Fragrance of the Year at 2011 WWD Beauty Inc Awards.
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Dear Every Other Fragrance That Isn't Justin Bieber's Someday Perfume. It might be time for you to quit while you're ahead. For as long as teenage girls (and other men and women swayed by a smooth set of pipes and a break-neck swoop of golden bangs) roam the Earth, they will beg for nothing but the cloud of cartoon hearts-conjuring eau de parfum replete with sparkle-magic possiblity that is The Biebz's very first lady-scent. Sure, you'll have a market in catering to the haterz, but Bieber and his eponymous Fever are both only getting stronger with age. The fragrance has been out for public purchase for scant a half-year, and already, it's been honored in this year's WWD Beauty Inc Awards as "Prestige Fragrance of the Year."

Behind those full eyebrows and impish grin, there's a keen business mind (or team) at work. From the GENIUS name and Peter-Pan whisper promise campaign that propels it, to light-hearted public self-deprication, shameless self-promotion, and enough cosmic pull to rake in charitable funds and awareness with mere affiliation, Someday has been a GIGANTIC hit since it was but a blueprint. Granted, Outspoken Intense by Fergie also scored Avon this year's "Mass Fragrance of the Year" and deserves its propers. But the galactic force that warrants Bieber license to release customizable promos directed at the fathers of his legions of screaming ladybabies simply cannot be ignored.

It may be the first quote-unquote "official" recognition Someday has received since its launch this May, but WWD is only confirming what we and droves of Beliebers already knew. There's a new kid in town who's kind of dominating at life and this whole beauty business thing, and we don't see the Bieber train slowing down any time soon. And so, if you are a non-Someday perfume (which, like, HAI, is totally weird/remarkable because why can you read??), it might be time to figure out another life dream (such as a national tour, you freakish anthropomorphised object!!!!). Unless, of course, you're content living in Justin's shadow. xoxo, Us.

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