From Baggy Overalls To Green Jeans, We Get Inspired By A Crazy 1980s Denim Fashion Show Video

jc penney fashion flash fashion show

The opening credits from WPHL-TV's 1980s denim fashion show video.
Photo: via Buzzfeed and RichJuz

Our Fridays are usually all about easing out of the workweek and into the weekend at a more leisurely pace. We like to take the time to smell the flowers, thank our coworkers for jobs well done, and casually peruse the World Wide Web for anything that might tickle our fancy or enflame our virtual wallets. We here at MTV Style were content to stay mired within the cutely overloaded confines of kittens dressed up in jean jackets until we came across what is, quite possibly, the most AMAZING fashion time capsule video EVER. Folks, we're talking about JC Penney's Fashion Flash 1980s denim fashion show, a fash-parade of magical retro magnificence that will have you marveling over and over again at the "newest fabric on the fashion scene...denim!" Watch as models Tracy, Bernard, Julie, and "total cool" Joe dance to David Bowie's seminal song, "Blue Jean", while showing you how to rock a pair of green jeans or get down in double stonewash. Listen as the overzealous announcer says, "You've heard the saying everything old is new again, well it's really true!" And we totally agree...


Jervoise jacket wrangler denim skirt

Jervoise denim jacket and Wrangler denim skirt.
Photo: ASOS

So, the fashion show begins with Julie in her stonewash jacket and "super mini," which are both of '80s proportions yet easy to re-create. We like the bagginess of her jean jacket but feel like it would look more enticing if slightly tailored. Thus, we like this Jervoise Denim Jacket for a subtle dose of edginess paired with a classic Wrangler Denim Mini Skirt on the super mini side to re-create Julie's "super" feel. The video announcer points out that she's tippin' it out in "scunsis" of every color, which we assume means scrunchies. We're going to go ahead and pass on this well-intended suggestion, and steal inspiration from Julie's dance moves instead.


green jeans rag and bone j brand asos

Green jeans by Rag & Bone, J Brand, and ASOS.
Photo: Neiman Marcus; ASOS

Oh, Bernard, you dancing king! We can't get over how much we love Bernard's hair, oversized coat, and "Mr. Green Jeans" green jeans. While we couldn't possilby see ourselves truly embracing Bernard's look in the vid, we'd like to adopt our own way of wearing this oh-so festive color during the holiday season. It's best to wear this much color in a streamlined way (versus in a more voluminous way as favored in the '80s), so we suggest these ASOS Green Coated Colored Skinny Jeans with a black turtleneck, Rag & Bone's Skinny Kelly Green Jeans worn with a denim shirt, or J Brand's Mid Rise Skinny Ankle Cord Jeans in Peridot Green which are very fall friendly and would look awesome with a flannel and scruffy brown boots. That's more '90s than '80s but, well, close enough.


levis overalls see by chloe overalls

Denim overalls by Levis and See by Chloe.
Photo: Freepeople; Yoox

Man, we'd love overalls to come back. They're cute, comfy, and really what's not to love? OK, we know they're a bit shapeless and sort of dated, but wouldn't these Levi's Lot 66 Bib Overalls be perfect over a long-sleeve thermal, chunky sweater, trapper hat, and brown logger boots? YES. But if we really want to take this FASHION FLASH trend into the new millennium, we'd do it with these See by Chloe denim overalls, which are modern and adorable. Throw on some grey ribbed tights and booties and you can have the "freedom to move in any direction" and get "ready to twist and shout" just like Tracy.


glamorous sleeveless shirt and asos color block shirt

Glamorous Sleeveless Denim Shirt and ASOS Color-Blocked Denim Shirt.
Photo: ASOS

The fashion show ends with Joe who, apparently, has an attitude that is "total cool" as well as a double-layered denim shirt look that the announcer says even "Elvis couldn't have done better." Whew, them's BIG words, Mr. Announcer! Still, Joe is pretty cool—for the '80s—with his metal hair and toned alabaster chest. We're not OK with unbuttoning your shirt way down to there, so instead, we'll take his denim-on-denim look by wearing an unbuttoned ASOS Color Blocked Denim Shirt over a Glamorous Sleeveless Denim Shirt and throw them both over a black leather mini skirt and boots. Fashion flash? Yes, indeed.


A denim fashion show by RichJuz

{via Buzzfeed}

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