Shop Pharrell Williams, Kreayshawn, And Iggy Azalea's Holiday Gift Guides

What do Pharrell Williams, Kreayshawn and Iggy Azalea all have in common? If you answered something along the lines of "like, totally booty-bouncin' jams!", though absolutely accurate, you're visiting the wrong site. (As if! This is MTV Style.) We're talking about their totally head-turning, dangerously enviable, let-me-borrow-that-outfit, easy, breezy STEEZ, people! The trendsetting musical trio recently kicked it with Karmaloop and spilled the beans about what's on their gift list for the holiday season. Um, we definitely did waaay more (SEE: buh-bye, bank account) than simply "checking it twice," Santa. Oops!

Pharrell Williams Gift Guide

Pharrell Williams on Dec. 6 and his Karmaloop holiday gift guide picks.
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Pharrell Williams, aka Karmaloop TV's newest creative director, is the epitome of effortlessly OMFGahhh stylish UH-DORABLE. (How the eff is he 38 and looking like THAT?) Pharrell's gift picks are as you'd expect: IMMACULATE. We live and die for the WeSC Borik Cardigan in "Sunflower Melange," which will totally brighten up the death bed-ish winter months without destroying your wallet (60 bucks!). Kick it like a rock star in the Palladium Baggy Leather Boot ($110), which we prefer in "Sunrise & Chocolate" because, well, we've got a thing for sunrise and chocolate. And keep it cute (and cozy) with the charcoal Woodsmen Gloves—$20?! We'll take half a dozen. Yes, we were already super smitten with this beyond perfect individual, and then he went on and revealed his style icon: Steve McQueen. *FAINTS* PUT A RING ON US. LIKE, NOW.


Kreayshawn on Sept. 12 and her Karmaloop holiday gift guide picks.
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With an affinity for major golden hoops and turquoise mermaid-inspired hair, Kreayshawn's gift list was obvs going to be off the chainsssss (she fancies herself some funky golden chains too). First thing's first: Who needs "Gucci Gucci" when you've got a killer (and affordable) biker jacket? Kreay Kreay got her Joan Jett on with the BOTB by Hellz Bellz motorcycle jacket ($170). We're total cheerleaders for the punk-and-pretty look, so kudos to Kreay and her purrrfect Hello Kitty pick: the Hello Kitty Intimates travel kit complete with cat-nap-friendly slippers and a sleep mask. We are def not mad at the obvious Kreayshawn choice of ridic earrings, aka Melody Ehsani's Native Feather Earring ($44) because, duh, after our interview with Melody we are completely smitten. *SWOON*

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea on Oct. 20 and her Karmaloop holiday gift guide picks.
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Confession: We roll under our desks each and every time we watch the tight ponytail-whipping, smoke-machine-heavy Iggy Azalea epicness of a music video known as "My World." We wanna be a part of your fierce world, girl, and thanks to her Karmaloop gift guide, we can at least be a part of her closet. The bananas Aussie hip-hop artist is also a fearless fashionista, with goose bump-inducing fashion choices ranging from Motel's Salvita Bralet ($40) to house those curves, Joyrich's fab Faux Rabbit Pochette Bag ($92), and Kip Shoe's black-and-yellow skyscraper-rivaling platforms (SALE ALERT! $123.95). In other words, pop starlets with a penchant for whipped-cream-spewing-brassieres beware: You've got some sassy sartorial competition heading your way, and she's not at all afraid of a studded leather look. WERK!

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